Ecommerce Maximization Partner

We are an ecommerce agency deeply embedded across multiple channels including Amazon and other marketplaces, DTC websites, and social shopping. We help ecommerce brands reach their maximum potential by delivering highly-specialized channel expertise tailored to their unique needs.

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Our brand is built around our clients

We’re a codependent ecommerce agency deeply embedded within the world of ecommerce. This gives us the power to elicit opportunities and transform businesses. Our knowledge, expertise and delivery are implicit in everything we do. We’re an Ecommerce Maximization Partner that’s explicitly connected to client success.

Marketplaces & Ecommerce

Strategic ecommerce and product support across different marketplaces and countries.

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Marketing & Content

Strategic and implementation support for omnichannel marketing and ecommerce content.

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Store Management

Marketplace stores and all associated logistics run for you, to ensure smooth and cost-effective sales.

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Brand Management

Protecting your brand, your sales, and your reputation, and ensuring happy customers 24/7.

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Emplicit’s software for complete Amazon channel management

Our proprietary technologies deliver data-driven solutions tailored to your business, from listing management to inventory, compliance, sales, and marketing reporting.

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The rebrand of Sunken Stone to Emplicit

Curious to know why after 13+ years we renamed the company? Find out why and what the new brand stands for.


We are hiring

We are growing and are looking for people who will improve us. We have open positions across a number of departments.


A culture of ‘flexcellence’

We support our team members personally, professionally, and financially, to to create an environment that drives growth and collaboration.

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