Have you ever thought about making some extra money on the side? If so, then you might want to consider reselling on Amazon. Do you know how to start reselling on Amazon? It is a great way to make some quick cash, and have fun doing it.

Using Amazon to resell products is very popular. Because of the profit margin, you can make as well as the broad audience you can advertise to. Many people will purchase products through a retailer or other online avenue and resell them on Amazon. You can even build a strategy and business around the reselling items.

If you want to learn how to be a successful Amazon reseller, you’ll need to follow our guide below. It is important to learn how to start reselling through this platform.

How Can I Resell Products On Amazon FBA?


Before, you’ll first need to understand the different ways to resell products on Amazon. The most popular strategies include:

  • Sell Your Used Products: If you have any old products lying around your house, you can take pictures of them and list the items for sale on Amazon. This allows you to clear out your home and make some cash. However, this is only profitable in the short term since you won’t have unlimited items to sell.
  • Buy Products At Retail Stores: If you purchase items from a retail store, either online or in-person, you can resell them on Amazon for a higher price. This is an excellent way to increase your profit margins and make more money in the long term.
  • Buy Products From Other Wholesalers: If you know a specific item will sell well on Amazon, you might want to consider buying it in bulk from a wholesaler. Buying in bulk allows you to get the best possible price without having to spend a ton of money. This is a great way to increase your profit margins while decreasing the amount of time you spend looking for products.
  • Purchase Directly From Manufacturers: You might also consider purchasing directly from the manufacturers. This strategy will allow you to form a relationship with the brand and negotiate better pricing, which will enable you to make more money and sell higher-quality items.
    While you can make money from any of the strategies listed above, most successful Amazon FBA resellers choose to focus on manufacturers or wholesalers because it’s easy to grow your business.

If you’re new to reselling on Amazon, you might want to consider using a different strategy so that you won’t have to commit a ton of capital to your future business. Once you feel like you have a handle on how to resell, you can then move to large orders through manufacturers or wholesalers.

Is It Legal To Resell Products On Amazon?

Yes, it is legal to resell products on Amazon. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying them retail or wholesale from a wholesaler; as long as they are new and not counterfeit, they can be sold through this platform.

However, it is essential to note that when you purchase something from a store, instead of a wholesaler or manufacturer, it’s not considered new anymore, so you’ll have to list it under a different category: “Very Good Condition” or “Used.” If you would prefer to sell new products, you’ll need to only purchase through a manufacturer or wholesaler.

There are also some Amazon restrictions associated with selling specific brands such as Nike or Adidas. Some brands don’t allow their products to be sold on Amazon, and this is something you’ll need to consider before starting your reselling business.

Thankfully, by using the Amazon seller app and doing a little research before selling on Amazon, you’ll be sure not to purchase or try to sell a brand with restrictions on it.

How To Make A Profit From Reselling Items

If you want to make money from reselling, you’re going to want to look for items with high-profit margins. The best way to do this is by purchasing items from manufacturers or wholesalers at a low price and then listing them for sale on Amazon at a higher price.

For example, if you find an item from a wholesaler for around $20. You can then offer the product on Amazon at $50 with free shipping and usually sell your item within a day or two of listing it. This leaves you with a $30 profit margin on each item.

As long as you remember to list items under different categories, take clear pictures, write detailed descriptions, and use keywords that will increase visibility in search engines, you should be able to make money reselling products online!

How To Become An Amazon Reseller

Once you’ve decided the type of items you’ll want to sell; you’ll next need to set yourself up on Amazon. You’ll want to:

  1. Register As An Amazon Seller
    To make the most money reselling, you’ll want to register as an Amazon seller first. You’ll be able to choose two options, either a professional seller account or an individual seller account. If you plan on selling more than 50 items a month, you’re better off using a professional seller account. Make sure to have an ID, tax information, and a credit card to get started with your Amazon account.
  2. Find The Right Products To Sell
    After you have an Amazon seller account, the next step is to find products that will make a profit. If you choose an item that isn’t popular or not well-ranked on Amazon, you might find it challenging to make the volume or number of sales you were hoping for. Instead, you’ll want to focus on popular items that are not too competitive that you won’t be able to stand out in the market. To do this:
  • Search for items on Amazon and then check their cost per unit
  • Find out what your competitors are charging for similar items
  • Look up wholesale prices of goods in catalogs or online stores with suppliers, so you know how much to pay when purchasing through manufacturers or wholesalers
  • Use third-party pricing sites like, which can help identify if an item’s price has dropped over time. If it has, you’ll want to buy as many units as possible before reselling them because they may go back up in price again soon!
  1. Rely On Your Amazon Seller App
    To make a profit reselling, you’ll want to rely heavily on the Amazon seller app. It’s the best way to create and manage your store from anywhere!
    The first time you log into your account after registering as an Amazon seller, you’ll be able to set up inventory levels for each product. This information will then sync with all of your devices so that it will update everywhere else if you make any modifications.
    Make sure not to purchase more items than needed because this could lead to wasted money or products sitting around while they’re waiting for a sale. Instead, take some time upfront before selecting items and decide how much stock is enough based on previous sales data and trends like seasonality or price fluctuations over time.
  2. Ensure You Are In Compliance Using MAP Software
    Finally, you’ll want to ensure that all of your products are in compliance with the standards and rules set by manufacturers or wholesalers. This guarantees that you won’t run into any complications down the line. By signing up for Sunken Stone’s Free Map Compliance and Monitoring Software, you’re able to ensure that you’re selling products using the guidelines that manufacturers and wholesalers require.
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