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Planning a successful expansion

The four P’s–product, price, placement, and promotions–dictate how we plan your expansion strategy. They help determine which products we should help you launch in which markets.

Most Amazon sellers we work with launch limited catalogs tailored to their demand and competition. But a successful expansion requires additional planning and strategizing, such as overcoming significant market entry barriers like shipping, tax, and compliance.

Emplicit’s team handles these international logistics and operations, as well as local market analysis and localization.


International Amazon marketplaces supported by Emplicit

We run client Amazon seller accounts across Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, and Europe, with many clients having presence across several Amazon marketplaces. Amazon’s European locations are Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey, but if you sign-up in one of those you can actually sell and ship to all 28 European countries.

The UK used to be the first choice as the European operations base, but Brexit forced sellers present in the UK and countries in the European Union to keep inventory on both sides of the channel. This means they must pay different taxes depending on where they have inventory. Tax complications like these can scare some sellers away–probably the ones without a partner like Emplicit to help navigate them through these tax laws.


International expansion made easy

Tax laws, multiple shipping centers, audiences speaking different languages, etc., can appear overwhelming. But partnering with an agency with experts on creating international expansion strategies can ease your concerns and maximize your revenue.

Check out our guide to easy international expansion strategy or contact us today.

Amazon US vs. Europe and how Emplicit can help



You can’t sell all the products you sell in the United States on Amazon’s European marketplaces, like dietary supplements and certain biocides. Conversely, you can sell certain products in Europe you can’t sell in the US, like alcohol.

Each marketplace has its own compliance requirements, health and safety laws, and environmental legislation for products. Our international expansion team knows which requirements apply where so we can keep you compliant with Amazon and each country’s compliance requirements.



Each marketplace has its own tax laws and accounting procedures. Making you compliant with international marketplaces’ requirements and regulations is one of the more significant challenges for international expansion, but a challenge Emplicit can guide you through.

An example is the value-added tax (VAT). VAT is a consumption tax levied on goods and services at each stage of the supply chain where value is added. In the EU, you pay Import VAT when your goods enter the country and before going to the consumer. Getting you squared away with EU’s Import VAT regulations is how Emplicit will help you sell your products in more countries.



Translated content receives higher engagement and more conversions. Plus, it builds trust between you and your customers and results in fewer negative reviews.

Localization goes beyond translating your product listing pages. Localization includes adjusting your content, listing(s), images, and videos, to a country’s culture. You also must use unique, localized SEO and PPC keywords in your content and ad campaigns. Allowing Emplicit to help you resonate with your target audience in foreign countries is a way to maximize your ecommerce revenue.



Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in Amazon’s European marketplaces is different than in the US due to the three different FBA levels:

  • Multi-Country Inventory
  • European Fulfillment Network
  • Pan-European FBA

Emplicit is familiar with these three FBA levels and will help you navigate them.

Our logistics team has connections to European 3PL suppliers they can put you in touch with and help you learn about the differences in return policies and costs across the pond. To consolidate your accounts for different international stores, we’ll create a single login that will allow you to see how your products are selling worldwide.

You’ll be able to enjoy reduced Amazon fees, a more straightforward listing of products, and a centralized view of sales, orders, and customer queries from every country you’re in.


What we deliver: total international ecommerce account management

  • Marketplace readiness assessment and launch strategy
  • Product, pricing, and promotions strategy
  • Customs, VAT, logistics, and compliance planning and implementation
  • Localized product listings, storefronts, marketing, and SEO
  • Brand protection, buy box management, and anti-reseller services
  • Performance tracking and reporting and business intelligence
  • Custom client dashboard (Stonehenge) monitoring your brand and marketing performance
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