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Digital media has fragmented, but the same skills and processes still apply across several channels. Understanding this makes us capable of delivering whatever it is you want from your marketing strategy.

To ensure we maximize the impact of your campaigns, Emplicit optimizes and reoptimizes them as we go. Managing your digital marketing campaigns so closely continues driving visitors to your website and increasing your conversions.

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Search engine marketing

A mere 2% of desktop users visit the second page of their search results. That means your brand needs to be on the first page–where the other 98% of users are (source: Nielsen Norman Group).

Our strategies work towards getting your product ads in the top slots on the first page. We accomplish this by leveraging keyword research and audience data and creating highly targeted ads delivering relevant information, calls-to-action, and support messaging. The resulting ads secure top position through a high-quality score and ad strength, leading to users clicking them and generating a higher ROI.

Emplicit factors in more than keywords when we’re utilizing search engine marketing (SEM) on Google, Bing/DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo:

  • Search intent (i.e., propensity to purchase)
  • Audience demographics
  • Timings
  • Shopping behavior


Display advertising

Display and retargeting ads have the power to keep your products front of mind and reach untapped audiences via niche channels or the internet’s most popular destinations.

We design campaigns on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM) basis that impact your audience. The insights we gain before finalizing your campaigns enable us to:

  • Build out audience groups
  • Plan media spend
  • Build out campaigns
  • Develop creative elements
  • Create testing strategies for campaign optimization post-launch

Depending on your marketing strategy, we utilize Google’s Display Network and other DSPs, place direct buys on specific websites where your audience is, and work with programmatic partners to deliver experiences targeted with greater precision. Combining efficiencies and impressions can help you make the most of targeted display, retargeting, and programmatic.


Social media marketing

Social media enables ecommerce brands to build connections with their customers. Shared values help form these relationships and can ultimately turn your customers into brand advocates.

But simply just being on social media won’t earn your customers’ trust. Your brand must have social media campaigns that develop a relationship with your customers. Emplicit creates campaigns with this in mind. Details like knowing which platform(s) are worth building your brand’s presence on can get you closer to your target audience than ever before.

Staying on brand is important in social media. The format and content of your ads will align with your brand, effectively instilling more trust between you and your customers.

Having a grasp of social media’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, range of creative formats, and ability to make an impact with a small budget helps us accomplish our goals too. From profile management and content creation to ad campaigns and reporting, we can help build that relationship and boost sales.

Read more about the experts we have building, monitoring, and optimizing creative social campaigns across all the major social networks here.


Influencer & affiliate marketing

Whether you’re looking to add influencer or affiliate marketing, the strategy is the same: be certain they align with your brand and can effectively reach and engage your target audience without cannibalizing other marketing activities or lowering profitability.

Emplicit ensures your influencer marketing campaigns will turn influencers into authentic brand advocates. We tailor unique influencer strategies in which the platforms, influencers, types of content, and compensation models to your target audience and marketing goals. Whether we source influencers directly or use influencer platforms, Emplicit helps widen the net, negotiate financials, co-create content, and track campaign effectiveness.

Featuring you on sites and platforms your customers care about is a priority when building your affiliate marketing campaign. We get you there by:

  • Matching your brand with the right affiliate networks, such as CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, Rakuten, etc.
  • Selecting relevant affiliate types, such as bloggers, review sites, coupon sites, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Identifying and promoting the right products
  • Creating attractive commission models
  • Generating marketing assets affiliates need
  • Ensuring you only pay commissions when marketing efforts perform


Email marketing & digital automation

Email marketing can generate an ROI as high as 36:1, according to Constant Contact, which likely making it the most efficient digital marketing channel available for ecommerce brands.

From sophisticated ecommerce retargeting campaigns and segmented email promotions to drip campaigns and newsletters, we run campaigns that can convert leads into sales and sales into repeat sales. We plan, design, write, build, and manage all email marketing campaigns end-to-end.

Part of this process includes helping you identify which email marketing platform or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is right for your business. Additionally, we develop segmentation and personalization strategies and implement complex automated email marketing workflows.


Tracking & reporting

Every dollar spent on digital marketing must be trackable and measured against predefined objectives. Tracking your marketing dollars is how you’ll know if your campaigns are successful and make informed choices.

The status quo doesn’t fly at Emplicit. Instead, we lean on data to guide digital media spend, campaign structure, and content. We set benchmarks and continually monitor campaign KPIs so we can hit your goals. Identifying what’s working and what isn’t helps us implement new tests that reveal where we need to improve.

You’ll receive monthly reports from our proprietary software, but we track performance weekly or daily. Being transparent with our findings allows us to adjust budgets for higher-performing channels and campaigns and maximize your sales.

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