Social Media Marketing

Leveraging data, content, design, and strategy to help you build trust with customers and move them through the purchase funnel.

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Why social media for ecommerce?

Social media has changed how we communicate and consumers interact with brands. Social media is invaluable for reaching target audiences and building a loyal following through engaging and click-worthy experiences.

While Emplicit is an ecommerce agency first, our services go beyond ecommerce. Our marketing strategists, content developers, and paid media specialists will make social media a valuable channel that complements your other marketing efforts.



How we make social media beneficial for your brand

Consumers’ preferred way of brands contacting them outside of email is social media. However, there is such a thing as “spoiling” their social media experience. That’s why it’s crucial your social media partner knows how to walk this fine line.

Here are some of the social media objectives we deliver for our clients:

  • Manage brand reputation
  • Build and engage with communities
  • Generate sales on your websites and marketplaces
  • Sell direct
  • Generate customer insights
  • Deliver customer support
  • Provide brand validation for consumers
  • Attract new employees
  • PR and crisis management
  • Internal comms


Organic vs. paid social media

By now, most people understand the reach brands receive from organic content is tiny. The average Facebook post might reach 5% of your followers–if you’re lucky.

Large-scale reach has largely become a pay-to-play proposition. However, the content on your profiles is still critical to your customers conducting their due diligence about your products and brand.

Influencer marketing provides significant overlap between organic and social (it’s paid, but appears organic). Learn more about our influencer marketing services under Amazon Marketing and Digital Marketing.


Selling through social media

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., are becoming prominent sales channels for certain brands because they can convert customers without disrupting their social experience.

We can connect your Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce stores to the social channels where your target market is. Our team can also structure your social media product catalog into collections and determine which products to sell so you generate the highest conversions.

Alternatively, suppose you don’t have an ecommerce site. In that case, we can load your product catalog into Facebook Shops (an efficient sales channel that charges just a 5% fee), Instagram Shopping, or whichever channel we use.

Social selling will enable you to tag your products in posts and ads. This feature allows us to help you reach more of your target audience.


Quick do’s and don’ts of social media

We could write a white paper on what to do and what not to do, but a bullet-point summary of how we’ll apply our social media expertise to your business is easier to digest:

  • Establish SMART goals before you invest in social. How else will you know if you’re on the right track?
  • Pick the right types of content for you and your customers: images, promo videos, product reviews, short and long-form content, etc.
  • Ensure the themes you post about are relevant to your brand and customers, and apply the same criteria to your social ads.
  • Use and commit to a consistent brand voice, look, and feel across organic and paid social media.
  • Don’t try too hard to tie everything back to your product.
  • Share content from your audience and others in the industry because it’s not all about you.
  • Start a conversation and be prepared to continue it. It’s called social media for a reason.
  • Posting meaningless content a few times a week gets less engagement than posting meaningful content a couple of times a month. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Emplicit’s social media services

Customer research

To sell products effectively, you need to know what your customers care about and what motivates them. We learn this by studying past demographics so we can help you generate insights into their lifestyle, attitudes, and interests.

Listening tools like HubSpot help us uncover insights into your established products, how new products are received, what content consumers engage with, and what consumers think about your competition. All so you can know your target audience better than ever before.

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Platform planning

There are dozens of social media sites where brands share social content, connect with an active audience, and promote products. We’ll evaluate your target audience, products, and content to determine which channels will give you the most significant return.

From there, we build (or update) your brand’s social media presence to generate more conversions.

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Content creation

Content on your website is king, and the same is true with social media.

Copywriters, designers, and media planners will create engaging content–from impactful ads to compelling posts. Utilizing content calendars ensures organic, sponsored, and ad content all support your marketing objectives.

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Paid social campaign management

Emplicit creates integrated paid media plans to boost your organic posts, retarget previous website visitors, and promote products to specific audiences. Maximizing the return on your ad spend is a priority and why we test and optimize ad types, content, and creative messaging.

We prefer to plan your social media strategy based on overall marketing ROI rather than viewing each channel in isolation. This perspective helps develop the most effective integrated paid media plan for you because some channels, like social, can have lower ROAS for ‘conquesting,’ or the means to advertise beside a competitor’s marketing content, but are critical in reaching new audiences.

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Tracking & reporting

We’ll manage your social media campaigns as frequently as daily. The optimizing-related decisions we’ll make on the go will be in the formal monthly reports you’ll receive with sales reports. Other information you’ll find in your monthly reports are:

  • KPIs against goals

  • Improvements we can make to media and messaging

  • Budget projections

Keeping you in the loop on how we’re building your social media presence is just as important as developing your social media strategy.

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Emplicit as Your Social Media Partner

Building a social media following and engaging with your audience requires a partner with channel expertise in multiple areas. On top of strategic thinking and the ability to build relationships, a strong social media partner provides:

Multi-Channel Marketing Experience.

Social platforms continuing to evolve provides you with new opportunities to grow your business, and slams the door on what were once the best practices. Our agency’s commitment to staying current on the latest and greatest practices, algorithms, etc., on each social channel will provide your brand with the social media presence you need.

Content Development Capabilities.

The right type of content gets your target audience interested in your business. Emplicit researches what kind of content resonates with your customers so we can create and distribute it on the platforms they use.

Data-Driven Decision Making.

Data provides insights into your audience and content. Data keeps your business on the right course when things are going well and also indicates when your business needs to go in a new direction. We react accordingly to both types so your brand stays on track.

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