Reseller management

Own the Buy Box, protect margins, and ensure brand longevity.

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Brand protection for ecommerce

Market places like Amazon provide unique challenges to your brand. Unauthorized resellers can under-cut you and win the Buy Box, counterfeiters can erode trust in your brand, and authorized resellers who violate Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) can reduce the effectiveness of your marketing.


Protect your brand, protect your sales

Our team uses proprietary software to monitor if your products are sold by anyone except you. If we detect unauthorized activity, our compliance experts can use their knowledge and connections to take the necessary steps to you back to owning the Buy Box and avoid others cutting into your sales. We help you implement product codes to Amazon, which enables us to immediately identify and counteract unauthorized resellers who may be purchasing from your website or other sales channels.

We enroll you into Amazon’s Transparency program which uses secure, unique codes that identify individual units, and stop counterfeit goods from reaching customers.

It’s not only unauthorized resellers that we help protect against. Authorized resellers who ignore MAP can win the Buy Box, meaning that not only do you lose sales, but that your marketing activity is paying to drive sales by another merchant.


Benefits of Emplicit reseller management

  • Avoid sales being impacted through Buy Box competition
  • Ensure that you are the only beneficiary of your marketing
  • Protect your brand image
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Ensure that the right products are sold by the right seller at the right price