Review management

Amazon customers trust other Amazon customers, we ensure that your reviews are are good as they can be.

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Review and Seller Feedback campaigns

Rather than waiting for customer feedback, Emplicit takes the initiative to get it by creating campaigns and using software tools. As well as enlisting you into Amazon Vine via Amazon Brand Registry, we take a proactive approach to ensuring positive reviews.


Customer review system request

24/7 Customer Service will create and activate email campaigns to go out after each completed order. Amazon pre-approves our templates so we don’t violate any Communication Guidelines.


Amazon review software tools

  • Zonpages
  • Elite Seller
  • FeedbackExpress
  • AMZFinder
  • FeedbackFive
  • SageMailer
  • Kibly
  • Zonguru
  • Bqool
  • xSellco
  • FeedbackZ
  • Seller Labs
  • Feedback Genius


Anticipating customers’ concerns

Handling customers’ concerns as they come in can be an effective approach, but anticipating customers’ concerns before they come in is a proactive approach. Emplicit prefers the latter by providing them with information on:

  • Certifications and testing on products
  • Usage instructions
  • Contraindictions/side effects


Guidelines we follow

Emplicit takes these Amazon Communication Guidelines seriously to avoid giving you any unnecessary headaches:

  • Marketing or promotional messaging
  • Messages incentivizing buyer to submit positive product reviews or seller feedback
  • Language requesting removal or an update of existing product review
  • External links, attachments, tracking pixels, or images
  • Requesting phone numbers and personal email addresses

Violating any of these guidelines risks losing the privilege of being able to communicate with your customers outside of restrictive templates. Emplicit’s Customer Service team follows them to a T so your brand can continue to build trust with your customers.


Boost your brand by increasing the number and quality of your reviews.