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Using engaging content to drive consumers along the sales pathway.

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The Content We Create for ecommerce Brands

Your products become your content in ecommerce. After studying your brand and products, to the point we know them almost as well as you, we begin creating:

  • Product listings for Amazon and other marketplaces
  • A+ Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon
  • Website content
  • Social media content
  • Ad content

The combination of well-crafted strategies, channel expertise, and performance data allows us to create better content that will resonate with your audience and make your business more profitable. One brand found this worked so well they’re now using the content we made for their Amazon listings on their website.

Your content’s quality can be the reason your customers choose your brand over a competitor’s, or vice versa. Emplicit is an agency that understands this.

CTA: Make Your Products Your Content Today


Why Emplicit for Content Development?

Good writing and creative ideas can come from many places. What can’t come from many places is a partner who creates engaging content for your ecommerce brand based on data.

We base our content on numbers instead of preferences. Your content will have search terms relevant to the purchase decision process so your brand comes up in your target audience’s search results. At the same time, you’re one of our most valuable resources because you know your products best. We collaborate with your team for their expertise and come up with compelling ways to frame it.

A benefit of working with Emplicit is we don’t create content in a bubble, meaning content development goes beyond content development. The benefits below will tell you what we mean.

Higher organic placement

Figuring out how to have higher organic placement is the name of the game on online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Optimizing your content is how we’ll achieve that for you. Content with popular keywords and pointing out the benefits of your products, rather than the features, can land you in the top eight ‘slots’ on marketplaces.

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Improve overall SEO

Rather than only looking at your brand on Amazon to increase your sales on Amazon, we look at off-Amazon channels, too. Strategic SEO practices for your ecommerce website drive traffic and increase your Google ranking.

Paying attention to all your SEO needs can help you have loyal customers, customers who continue coming back to complete the purchase decision process.

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Increase conversions

We don’t include relevant keywords just so your target audience can click on your listings or landing pages and then leave. We include relevant keywords so when your target audience does arrive on one of your listings or landing pages, they don’t leave until they make a purchase.

Research tells us which keywords, product benefits, etc., are converting your prospective customers. Your content including these gives your target audience what they want to see, effectively helping you enjoy more sales.

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Educate and engage with your customers

You already know countless brands are vying for consumers’ attention. How you educate and engage with your audience can separate your brand from the rest of the pack.

Content that educates them on the benefits of your products–rather than the features–can lead to a conversion. Staying in touch with your customers, even after they make a purchase, helps us ensure their satisfaction and establish a relationship.

Quality communication also makes customers more prone to leave a positive review about your brand or product, which can lead to more sales.

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Upsell related products

Even if we’re primarily working on listings for only a couple of your brand’s products, the Content team likes to know the ins and outs of your entire catalog. This insight can help us upsell your brand’s other related products by positioning them with the priority listings.

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Our content process

You’re only as good as your processes, and our Content team prides themselves on theirs. Each stage has a hand in us creating optimized content customers will find engaging and ultimately, impactful.



We research everything we can about your target audience. Understanding who they are and what motivates them when searching for a product helps us create content they’ll gravitate to and content that will satisfy Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and A10 Algorithm. Both are essential to climb up the ranks.

Because we work to increase your conversions, the Content team also looks at their search intent, or how likely they are to complete a purchase based on a particular search.

Keyword research identifies the keywords most likely to result in conversions. Researching competitors provides insight into what your target audience is looking for and where there are opportunities to stand out in–what we call–the ‘whitespace’.


Copywriting & design

What our copywriters and designers learn from the research phase, they apply to their work: relevant keywords, motivating product information, and your brand’s tone, look, and feel. They all combine to make compelling product listings and landing pages.

But nothing will go live until we receive your team’s stamp of approval. Emplicit’s Content team will send you the copy and designs we came up with based on our research and expertise. We’ll also let you know why certain decisions were made, such as ones helping you remain compliant with Amazon’s legal and platform requirements.



Effective display and social ads grab consumers’ attention without being clickbait. Our team generates campaign ideas from ‘bankers’ to concepts. They’ll share their ideas with you and take your valuable input to craft winning ads.


Marketing Content

Even the best content needs some form of promotion for your target audience to find it. Our Content team hands over your new copy and designs to the media team but stays involved in the process.

Both departments collaborate to ensure your brand’s marketing strategy is as customer-centric as your content. Utilizing owned, earned, and paid media promotes your products and content to your existing target market and new audiences to help you expand.


Constant Improvement

Testing and learning more about your brand’s digital ad campaigns is part of our monthly marketing reporting. Because tracking organic terms through to conversion isn’t always possible, we figure out what’s performing best by evaluating:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Organic visits
  • Organic sales

Measuring performance with these KPIs, alongside product, market, and competitor insights, inform us what type of content is generating the most activity. Sometimes this information tells us we’re on the right track. Other times it may tell us we need to reevaluate our approach.

Either way, we’ll proceed by doing what’s necessary to increase your conversions and grow your brand.

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