Amazon FAQs

Running an Amazon store is very different to running a DTC Magento or BigCommerce website. Many facets of Amazon ecommerce are complex and even something as simple as inventory management becomes a multi-step process. Added to which, compared to some other marketplaces, Amazon has some very specific ways of doing things. At Emplicit we provide ultimate flexibility in how we support our clients for however they want to sell on Amazon – whether through their own store, or via ours. Here are a few of the most common question we get asked.


Is Emplicit open to working with new brands and start-ups on Amazon, or do you only work with established brands?
We are willing to work with new brands and start-ups, but do not take equity in lieu of our fees, which need to be paid up front for companies with no trading history.

Can l sell my products under Emplicit’s Amazon account (The Group Deal)?
We sell your products under our seller account. You still have your own brand store page and brand presence. Listings show as sold by The Group Deal. If our relationship ends, you would stop shipping to FBA under our name, open your own account and start shipping again under your name. All the listings, content, and reviews remain associated with the ASINs.

My catalog consists of a large / small number of SKUs, can you help me?
Yes, we service brands of all size catalogs on Amazon, from 1 SKU to thousands of ASINs.


Do I need to use Emplicit’s marketing and store management services to use your software?
No, we have clients who simply pay for our ecommerce software on a SaaS basis.

What is Stonehenge?
Our proprietary Stonehenge software provides insight into your Amazon store performance and digital marketing success. Stonehenge collects sales, store health, and marketing data through Amazon APIs to allows users to make better informed decisions with their data, all in one easy to use dashboard.


Am I still responsible for managing our listings during the onboarding phase?
Yes, you will need to manage your brand for the duration of onboarding while we build everything out in the backend. We will provide advice on what to do and not do during that time.

Why do I need a trademark for my brand?
A trademark gives you access to the brand registry which enables you to deploy A+ content and gives the ability to create a brand store page if you want one.

Does Emplicit register the brand on Amazon or is that something I need to do on my end?
We can handle Brand Registry on your behalf.

Could we upload our off-Amazon customer reviews onto our products?
There is no way to import outside reviews into Amazon. We can help you to build early reviews, which provides benefits for ad placement and organic ranking.


Do I maintain customer service or would the team at Emplicit take this over?
Our team usually handles customer service for our clients which we base off FAQs that we develop with you. If we can’t answer a question, we reach out to your team for the correct response. We have a 24-hour team monitoring customer reviews and questions.

Does Emplicit also handle the post-purchase emails?
We handle post-purchase emails as well. We agree the contents of the email templates with you.


Can I still fulfill orders ourselves or do I have to be an FBA merchant?
You can be FBA or FBM; that’s a plus of managing your seller account.

What’s the worst-case scenario if I run out of inventory for a week or so while selling on Amazon?
Amazon will not remove your brand, but you will probably slip in the rankings. Ensuring you remain in stock is one of the areas of inventory expertise we offer our clients.

Can I put a company insert in the box that provides company information, etc.?
Yes, you can put an insert inside the box that your product comes in, but not the shipping box. We can help you with insert strategies, design and content.

Is it possible to sell on Amazon worldwide?
We will be happy to expand you into international markets, including Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico or Amazon EU, which consists of the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany). Depending on your product categories, different compliance regulations can apply.
We also have PanEU status so our shipping rates are highly competitive.

To find out more about how we can support Your Amazon business, please visit Our Services page.