Thinkers & Doers

We’re a team of over 120 optimists, realists, visionaries, experimenters, perfectionists, disrupters, and pragmatists. Together, our creativity and innovation make today better than yesterday for our clients and ourselves.

Adam Weiler

CEO & Founder

adam weiler headshot

Chanel Currie

Director of Customer Solutions

chanel currie headshot

Emily Lindahl

Director of Operations

emily lindahl headshot

Evan Sherman

Director of Logistics

evan sherman headshot

Georgette Moe

Snr Director of Client Strategy

georgette moe headshot

Justin Nguyen

Director of Marketing

justin nguyen headshot

Nicole Medeck

Director of Content

nicole medeck headshot

Paula Lambert

Director of Accounts

paula lambert headshot

Seb Lyner

VP Commercial Director

seb lyner headshot

Wahid “Will” Habib

Head of Strategic Partnerships

wahid habib headshot

Brian Byer

Chief Operating Officer

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