Marketing Strategy

Actionable omnichannel marketing strategies that grow your brand, educate customers, and increase your conversions.

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The benefits of a Marketing Strategy

So many possible marketing objectives exist:

  • Grow new sales
  • Increase cross/upsell
  • Improve retention/LTV
  • Improve ROAS
  • Launch new product
  • Increase awareness

There are also an infinite number of ways to achieve them.

Finding success in ecommerce digital marketing–no matter the goals, budgets, products, and platforms–must always begin with a marketing strategy, whether you’re actively marketing or have yet to launch. An effective marketing strategy will:

  • Set benchmarks to determine relative performance
  • Identify challenges and opportunities, including leveraging competitive advantages
  • Identify key target audiences
  • Generate motivating insights
  • Tailor messaging to each segment
  • Attract new customers and grow your most profitable customers
  • Build and retain a loyal customer base to protect against commoditization or disruption
  • Build a strong, consistent brand identity, including storytelling and brand voice


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Our Marketing Strategy development process


Emplicit’s experience in creating data-driven, purchase funnel-based marketing strategies enables us to develop a successful marketing strategy before you spend a dime on media.

Discovery & Analysis

We’ll start with a meeting to learn about your goals, brand, and competitors. Then we collect data from every available source–customer data, previous campaign performance, and competitor data–using third-party tools like Helium10.

Extensive audience research, including customer interviews and online surveys, is how we learn about your audiences’ problems, needs, and motivations. Knowing this information allows us to connect with them and leave a long-lasting impression.

After learning about your market, products, audiences, competitors, opportunities, and challenges, we share our key discoveries in an audit, including internal and external SWOT analyses.

Keyword Research

We can only educate your audience on your brand and products if we know what they’re looking for and how and where they search for it. We learn this by conducting extensive keyword research.

Extensive keyword research reveals which channels we can reach them on. Knowing this allows us to match your products and messaging to their requirements. We perform keyword research upfront rather than in the implementation stage because it can significantly impact channel choice, product selection, budgets, and messaging.

Being where your customers are and meeting their needs is how you’ll earn their trust.

Define Marketing Objectives​

Selling $1 million worth of products is easy, especially if you have $10 million to do it.

Setting the parameters, like ROAS and ROI, is an essential part of our objective setting and is part of the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) goals we’ll define. These KPIs will guide our strategy and keep us honest while tracking campaigns’ performance. They’ll also depend on your business needs and our communication analysis.

Strategic Approach

Quite simply, a strategy is how you get from point A to point B, but developing the strategy is anything but simple. Emplicit’s collective years of experience and subject matter expertise have shaped our strategic approach.

We identify which insights and opportunities we should take advantage of and which challenges mean we need to scale differently. A winning strategy combines art and science–where the data defines the actionable insights, but inspiration generates new and imaginative ways to build, engage, and convert your target audiences.

Channel & Communications Planning

Digital marketing focuses on increasing traffic and conversions, followed by generating repeat and additional purchases. We provide multichannel plans that build on your core bottom-of-funnel channels and cross-sell and up-sell activity. Wider acquisition activity drives awareness, consideration, and preference. Each channel will have its own budget and plan.

The who, what, where, when, why, and how comprise our final recommendations and will be in a presentation listing deliverables and associated due dates alongside an accompanying media plan.

Whatever combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels we recommend, Emplicit promises to maximize sales within your marketing budgets.

Continual Ecommerce Maximization

Developing an effective marketing strategy requires a team of subject matter experts who know how to combine insights with implementational knowledge. Emplicit’s bias for action leads us to base our strategies on what’s achievable now rather than waiting months for implementation.

Because all waiting does is give the market and competition time to move on.

Knowing when to make strategic adjustments is critical to your success. We revisit marketing strategies annually and have quarterly pulse reviews to make any necessary corrections. These, plus our monthly monitoring and optimizing practices, maximize your returns on your marketing budgets.

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