Brand management & ecommerce

Comprehensive support services which deliver expert and insider knowledge to ensure you brand is healthy and your products remain live.

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Case management

Amazon is not always your friend – you have to conquer Amazon before you conquer your customers. Emplicit’s Case Management team is there for when things don’t go according to plan, and to ensure that you keep the right side of Amazon’s every-changing guidelines. They deal directly with Amazon for you and use their expertise to resolve issues and minimize any impact on sales.


Reseller management

Competition is fierce on Amazon, and Emplicit’s team of experts is there to help if the competition stop playing by the rules. We can monitor and address unauthorized seller activity, protect against counterfeiters, and ensure that you are not being under-cut and losing Amazon’s Buy Box.


Brand & IP protection

Amazon’s Brand Registry is one of the most important tools for effective selling and protecting your brand. It’s a complex to navigate, but Emplicit’s team will help you successfully apply, so that you can utilize brand stores and A+ content, plus access features which help you build early reviews, and file IP/copyright claims.


24/7 customer service

Creating a superior customer experience is key to building your brand reputation, combating the competition, and increasing sales. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive set of tools which enables us to answer customer questions, and manage your seller and product reviews 24/7.


Review management

When your star ratings are so important for paid and organic Amazon rankings, it’s crucial you build and maintain positive reviews. At the same time, Amazon has robust guidelines in place to avoid unscrupulous review generation. We ensure that your customers leave positive reviews by proactively managing the product and sales process, avoiding customer issues, and creating compliant campaigns.

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Emplicit will ensure your account health is optimized and your product listings remain live.