Amazon product photography

Turn your great products into better listings.

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Skillful product photography increases Amazon sales

Photographs highlighting your products’ benefits will increase click-throughs on your ads and conversions. Hundreds of Amazon sellers have hired us over the last decade-plus because we know how to help you do that–giving you an edge over your competition. At the same time, just because a photograph looks good, doesn’t mean it is good. Failing to adhere to Amazon product image requirements may suppress listings and negatively impact sales. Our team stays on top of Amazon’s ever-changing requirements so your product photographs don’t get flagged and your conversions continue increasing.

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Photography that shows Amazon shoppers what they want

Capturing your target audience’s attention at first glance increases your conversions. Our content and design experts will help ensure the main product image does your listing justice so consumers notice it when they scan their search results.

Assets like an infographic, close-up photo, or text image displaying key benefits pique shoppers’ interest. They also help us tell your product’s story, along with beautiful cut sheet imagery and hi-resolution photographs highlighting your product’s purpose.

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Show the benefits, not the features

We create a series of images and video to support the different facets of your product. Together they are A+ content that will increase your organic rankings, ad placement, and conversions.

Our photos display your products’ benefits to help shoppers make a buying decision. Photography gives you the opportunity to showcase your products in a way that relates to consumers, helping them envision using your product in its ideal setting, increasing your conversions.

Professional lighting, backdrops, and green screens allow us to photograph your product in almost any setting without paying for expensive sets.

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High-quality photography for enhanced brand content (EBC) and ads

Supplementary photography is a must if you have a brand store or EBC on your listing(s) page. We can shoot and source additional product or lifestyle photography to fit all budgets. Our expert in-house retouching service ensures all photography is on-brand and maximizes the returns from your investment in product photography.

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Adhering to Amazon’s strict photo guidelines

Emplicit has experts on Amazon’s extensive list of Terms of Service photography guidelines sellers should abide by to avoid being flagged. We know every requirement surrounding:

  • Size

  • Frame

  • Background color

  • Formats

  • Types for main product images

  • How creative we can be supporting photos with text, logos, and other features

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Amazon photography doesn’t stop with the photos

We optimize your product images to increase your listing’s organic rankings and land you in the top eight ‘slots’ on the Amazon search results page. A proper SEO strategy for images, with clear descriptions and explanations embedded in the metadata, can be indexed by Google, effectively driving valuable off-Amazon traffic to your listings.

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A quality service done quickly

Wanting your product to hit the market as soon as possible is something we understand. That’s why we emphasize delivering you a quality service in a short amount of time.

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