Advanced reporting

The details that help grow your Amazon store.

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About Emplicit’s inventory reporting


Holiday & seasonal forecasts

The holidays and seasons impact how we forecast your inventory levels during particular times of the year. Certain factors like what industry you’re in and consumer behavior may tell us you’ll need more or less inventory than usual. The reports you receive will tell you which factors affected our forecasts during the holidays and certain seasons.


Amazon fulfillment & inventory reporting

Amazon Seller Central provides valuable information we include in our reports:

  • Where inventory has gone since its arrival
  • How much inventory has been received
  • General shipment information
  • If Amazon has flagged any product
  • Lost and found inventory
  • Where inventory is across the United States


Days of Inventory

Days of Inventory, known as DOI for short, measures how many days you have left of your inventory before you sell out. Tracking your DOI can help ensure you maintain healthy inventory levels year-round. Not letting products collect dust and incur long-term storage fees and signaling you need more of a product are two benefits of knowing your DOI, a number Logistics always keeps a close eye on.


Custom Reports

Logistics customizes reports with information most relevant to your brand. If your inventory’s specific location in a warehouse is a detail that may help grow your Amazon brand store, we’ll include it in your custom report. Another is if you’re shipping internationally, we’ll include what you can and can’t ship out of the country so you don’t violate any Amazon restrictions.

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