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What is SEO for ecommerce?

SEO for ecommerce is a holistic combination of SEO for your DTC ecommerce site and listings on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Our strategies make it easier for consumers to discover so you can boost your sales.


Benefits of SEO for ecommerce

Organic visits to your website or listing page traditionally see higher conversions than traffic generated via search ads, social media, display networks, etc.

Ranking higher organically on search engines and in marketplaces means you’ll have more marketing dollars to use elsewhere, like in strategies that connect you to more of your target audience. SEO optimization also builds consumer trust because they’re more likely to purchase products higher up on a listing page.

You’ll build trust with your target audience and increase conversions by ranking higher because they already trust that search engine. A search engine like Google having your brand on the first page is Google’s way of telling consumers, “Yep, this is the brand you’re looking for.”

Essentially, more trust equals more conversions.

Amazon SEO

Nearly 200 million people search for products on Amazon every month. Listings on the first page get about 45% of the traffic, the second page gets 10%, and the subsequent listings share the rest.

Emplicit’s goal is to get you in the top eight ‘slots’ of Amazon’s search rank.

Our Amazon SEO experts understand the anatomy of the perfect listing. We maintain this knowledge by continuing to educate ourselves on Amazon’s algorithms and updates. That’s so your listings are created with SEO in mind rather than as an after-thought.


Amazon SEO algorithms

One of the algorithms Amazon uses to determine products’ ranking is the A9 Algorithm. Sales conversions play a significant role in this algorithm: the more you sell, the higher you rank.

But the A9 Algorithm optimizes listings based on more factors than just sales conversions:

  • Product title (click here to read the science behind it)
  • Backend keywords
  • Customer reviews (number and net score)
  • Product description
  • The ‘5 bullets’
  • Images (number, size, and quality)
  • Videos
  • Pricing
  • Text match relevancy
  • Product availability

Emplicit also optimizes listings based on Amazon’s A10 Algorithm, which allows buyers to see products more relevant to their searches. We cater to this algorithm by having our Customer Solutions team run customer service for you. We’ll manage positive and negative customer reviews to help you establish a good reputation.


Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC): A+ content

Your EBC, now known as ‘A+ Content’ on Seller Central, will be key to your Amazon SEO strategy. The search terms we research and embed in your A+ Content will increase your keyword exposure–effectively increasing traffic.

But A+ content does more than increase your traffic. Quality A+ content can also educate your customers on your brand’s values and about your product’s benefits. Emplicit understands how impactful A+ Content can be and will make optimized content that continues building trust between you and your customers. A+ Content is available to all Amazon sellers as long as you:

  • Have published A+ Brand Story to all your listings
  • Have had 15 or more A+ content project submissions approved in the last year


A+ content ensures customers know what they’re getting before completing the purchasing process and encourages more positive reviews– another key part of your SEO strategy.

SEO for search engines

SEO for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc., is similar to Amazon SEO. One similarity is our goal is to rank you as high as possible on their search results pages. Another is to use the trust consumers have with search engines to our advantage.

Some differences are what we focus on to improve your SEO on search engines. The relevant factors we’ll address are quality content, user experience (UX), and organic visitor engagement. We’ll also build off-site SEO for your ecommerce website, including high-quality backlinks, something not yet applicable on Amazon.

SEO for Google has far more variables than SEO for Amazon because website content is far more flexible than Amazon listings. These differences affect our approach and are why we:

  • Create specific organic landing pages for certain products
  • Work with you on page speeds
  • Incorporate all the technical aspects unique to Google, such as schema mark-up data
  • Build comprehensive keyword strategies around both high-volume and long-tail keywords (the latter tends to yield greater results on Google)

But Google isn’t the only search engine with distinct variables. SEO for other search engines has unique quirks we’ll include in your overall SEO strategy.


Off-page SEO

When it comes to SEO for Google, what happens off your site is likely more important than producing engaging and rich content on your site.

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is a significant factor in your SEO for Google strategy. That’s why we ensure retailers with multiple locations capture and capitalize on this prime Google real estate.

And like we do on Amazon, our Customer Solutions team manages your online reviews because they impact Google search results.

Another off-page SEO tactic is building high-quality backlinks from authoritative third-party websites. It’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of SEO for your ecommerce site.

A combination of digital PR, influencer marketing, and content development will also make your brand more discoverable–wherever that may be.

Our SEO process

Emplicit’s approach to SEO strategy checks the most important boxes for your ecommerce success: keep pace with Google and Amazon algorithms, continue evolving and learning the best SEO practices, and make discovering you easier to boost your sales.


SEO audit

Initial Performance Assessment: To set baselines, we assess your site or listing(s) using metrics including keyword rankings, organic traffic, and sales.
Technical Audit: Then comes a comprehensive review of code, site and page structure, content, and backlink profile.
Results-Driven Strategy: After those two steps, we’ll be ready to set a roadmap and prioritize SEO improvements based on investment vs. reward.


Target and keyword research

We determine the key target audiences, their motivations, and search behavior in our initial discovery phase. Keyword research gives us invaluable data about the search terms users use to find products and estimate the volume of searches. Using our SEO
tools and insights (sometimes from paid activity), we can estimate the level of
competition and make decisions about the keywords we pursue. We aim to combine
popular and long-tail keywords for maximum impact.


Technical optimization

Over time we implement SEO refinements–from technical tweaks to optimizations, to new pages.


SEO strategy

The SEO strategy we develop for you will:

  • Utilize what we have learned in our audit and research
  • Define our objectives
  • Determine the insights we can leverage and how they’ll help achieve our objectives
  • Detail the tactics that support your strategy

Emplicit will develop a holistic SEO strategy for you because the line between search and organic marketing is increasingly blurred, and consumers are searching for (and purchasing) products across social media and other platforms.


Measurement & reporting

You’ll receive regular reports, usually monthly, from our team on your brand’s accomplishments as they relate to SEO.

There’s no chasing vanity metrics or industrial quantities of backlinks. Nor do we hide the fact that SEO takes time to work, but we hold ourselves accountable by reporting on metrics that will prove your brand is becoming easier to discover.

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Become easier to discover, boost sales, and lower CPAs. Let us take your ecommerce to the next level.