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Expand into Walmart

Amazon still holds the top spot as ecommerce king, but Walmart is the number one multi-channel retailer in the United States. Walmart’s comprehensive brick-and-mortar retail presence reaches over 150 million customers a week. As their online marketplace Walmart matures, it’s emerging as a significant sales channel for big and small brands in all industries.

Walmart’s online marketplace might be relatively small compared to the colossus that is Amazon, but there’s a benefit to this: less competition.

Walmart’s 150,000+ active sellers in 2022, compared to Amazon’s 1.2m+ active sellers, signify how much opportunity you have on the retail giant’s online marketplace. Emplicit will harness that opportunity, running your Walmart marketplace, from product strategies and listing buildout, to budgeting and campaign optimization.


Walmart+ membership boosts marketplace growth

A Walmart+ membership ($98 per year) offers shoppers free shipping and one-day delivery on some products. Its advantage over Amazon Prime is it can offer more offline advantages, like scan-and-go shopping in-store and gas discounts. With sky-high gas prices, Walmart+’s gas discounts significantly increase the online marketplace’s usage.


More reasons to sell on Walmart

Reaching new target audiences isn’t the only benefit of being on Walmart. Others include:

  • Low investment and no standing seller fees, so you only pay on products you sell.
  • The ability to connect to your ecommerce website and easily import your product catalog.
  • The ability to create your own return policies.
  • Unlimited product catalog, great for brands with large SKU counts.
  • Prioritizes brands over resellers–appealing if you are the sole distributor of your products.

Emplicit will help you enjoy these benefits and help navigate the online marketplace’s challenges like enforced low pricing, self-fulfillment, and Walmart’s buy-box approach.

How we navigate Walmart’s opportunities and challenges

Our online marketplace experts dedicate themselves to optimizing your Walmart channel and marketing campaigns for maximum profitability and growth:

  • Strategy – Define your business, sales goals, and associated ROAS parameters specific to Walmart; develop relevant and effective product and marketing strategies.
  • Logistics – Help you navigate Walmart’s operational processes and improve channel efficiencies while sales forecasting so your inventory doesn’t run out.
  • Brand and IP Protection, plus Customer Service – We defend your brand from resellers and trademark infringement and maintain brand integrity. Our Customer Solutions team supports your Walmart customers and helps you maintain brand authority with positive reviews.
  • Advertising – Based on our marketing strategy, we execute your PPC campaigns to support your objectives. We conduct keyword and competitor research and manage your PPC and display campaigns, implementing constant data-driven optimizations to keywords and bids.
  • Content – Keyword research allows us to develop and optimize content that will improve your Walmart search optimization and increase product visibility.
  • Reporting – Detailed KPI reporting, insights generation, and continual strategic planning will show you your brand’s growth on Walmart.

Grow your brand on Walmart today

Target’s online marketplace opportunity

Target’s online retailer marketplace presents an opportunity to reach new customers. New customers will find your brand as you gain more visibility and brand recognition through a trusted retailer. And not just a trusted retailer, but the fifth most popular e-retailer in the United States.

Target’s challenge: exclusivity

Target’s online marketplace currently isn’t open to everyone like Amazon and Walmart. Target has to invite you to become part of their online marketplace. Invited brands tend to be those in popular niches, including CPG, beauty, toys and games, entertainment, and home goods.

As a result, Target’s online marketplace is relatively uncrowded. When it launched in 2019, it had 30 sellers. In 2022 there are only 450 with 250,000 total products. The biggest challenge, though, is also one of the benefits: making it through their vetting process means you’re a brand they trust, which in turn builds and increases trust among their consumers.

Keep building trust on

If Target invites you to be one of their online marketplace’s brands, Emplicit can help you make the most out of that partnership.

Target curates their sellers to ensure a balanced and high-quality online catalog. The result is a less competitive environment than other, more crowded platforms experiencing rising CPCs.

The lack of competition and Target’s higher-than-average customer loyalty doesn’t guarantee success, but partnering with Emplicit can help you scale on Our strategies will focus on your best sellers and ‘halo’ products on their relatively underdeveloped self-service ad platform.

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