Stonehenge Amazon data management

Own your Amazon data and drive business profitability.

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What Stonehenge does & how it benefits your ecommerce business

Stonehenge is the custom-built brain of Emplicit that empowers our analytics activity across store management and marketing. It adds 2 million new data points per day of Amazon data, enabling your team to have a holistic view of the entire Amazon marketplace and to help your brand dominate. Here is a quick summary of what Stonehenge does:

  • Uses Amazon APIs to fetch data for all brands on a recurring basis.
  • Stores the data for historical reporting.
  • Performs calculations and aggregations to help you make sense of the data.
  • It receives and processes alerts from Amazon, and allows you to create custom alerts.
  • Serves the data in a series of dashboards.
  • Displays alerts and sends alert emails.
  • Exposes all the data for export.
  • Enables listing editing with custom attributes.
  • Creates backups of historical product data.
  • Provides custom access levels for users.
  • And lots more…


What you can you do when you own your Amazon data

  • Quickly identify trends and act on them.
  • Track inventory levels and set alerts to avoid you going out of stock.
  • Track traffic and conversions by ASIN so you can optimize listings.
  • Reduce wasted ad spend due to low inventory levels.
  • Makes secure backups so you have historical product listing information that doesn’t expire.
  • Expedite reimbursement payments before the reclaim window expires*.

* Did you know Amazon owes the typical seller 3% of sales in reimbursements, but many go unclaimed? Stonehenge can pay for itself many times over just by solving that one issue for you.


Stonehenge ‘lite’ via an Amazon app

The inventory and order management functions of Stonehenge are available as an app via the Amazon app store.

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Benefits of Stonehenge

  • Great value: 10x cheaper than other software, 10x faster than VAs
  • Quick: 90 Seconds to connect accounts and start receiving data
  • Straight-forward: 3 levels of access to suit your needs
  • Risk-free: No annual contracts – pay monthly with free trial
  • Easy: No need for in-house technical support, just plug-and-play
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Support all areas of your ecommerce business, risk-free