Small parcel shipping

Emplicit’s shipping solution makes saving over 20% on shipping costs possible, effectively increasing your profits.

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Increase your profit margin today


Stop overpaying for ecommerce shipping services

As we just mentioned, shipping costs can cut into your profit margins, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our shipping software’s processes and technologies, can save you time and increase your margins.

Save time by integrating new shipping technologies

It doesn’t matter if you use different shipping carriers. Connecting your brand to our Emplicit’s shipping software makes our simple integrations linking sales data to each order placed available to you.


Receive discounted rates on ecommerce shipping

Your brand having discounted ecommerce shipping rates creates new possibilities for your business. You can pass these savings on to customers or reinvest in new marketing initiatives, like international expansion.

Provide your customers with less expensive shipping options

Customers should benefit from a variety of small parcel shipping options, too. Whether you offer free shipping, reduced rates, or expedited services, your customers will appreciate less expensive options. Saving your customers money automatically improves your brand’s customer service.


Refine your shipping process

No longer overpaying for shipping services allows you to zoom out and look at your shipping practices as a whole. Upon closer examination, you may realize there are areas you can improve. Our software helps you identify those areas and find a solution.

Compare rates between major carriers

Should you use USPS, Canada Post, or Royal Mail to ship your small parcels?

Instead of researching individual rates from major carriers, our shipping software will provide your shipping department with small parcel shipping estimates from multiple carriers in one central hub.

Reduce delivery & return expenses

Emplicit’s shipping software makes your order fulfillment process easier because of simple integrations into existing systems. It reduces ecommerce shipping costs, whether you’re sending orders to customers or they’re returning them.

24/7 access to shipping metrics & reporting

Having timely access to your brand’s shipping and return data empowers your business to make better decisions. Creating custom reports and sorting the data by shipping metrics allows your brand to determine where you can improve shipping processes.


Improve ecommerce sales processes

Refining your shipping process correlates with improving your sales processes. Gaining insight into how you can better ship orders will lead to seeing how your business can make sales smoother. You’ll be happier, and so will your customers.

More easily process new and existing orders

Adding the right tools to your brand’s shipping process simplifies managing shipping customers’ orders. Filter, split, batch, and combine orders from an easy-to-use system that reduces shipping costs and eliminates tedious work.

Enhance customer communication

Make real-time shipping information accessible to customers the moment their orders are fulfilled in your warehouse. Subsequently, your customer service team will experience fewer inbound inquiries requesting shipment details because they’ll automatically receive real-time information.


Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Shipping costs have the most significant impact on shopping cart abandonment. By offering lower shipping costs it reduces the chances your customers will leave your website without making a purchase, and you’ll enjoy increased sales!



Simple implementation

Integrating Emplicit’s shipping software with your existing system takes just a few clicks, and it’s straightforward to use.

If you are worried about a steep software learning curves for your IT team, you don’t gave to be because we created our software with easy connectivity. Your IT team should be able to connect shipping systems and operations effortlessly. We got rid of software complications without compromising power or utility.

Emplicit’s shipping software consolidates several sales platforms for your convenience and provides a simple shipping solution.

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Reduce shipping costs and increase your profits today