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Account setup

Amazon requires sellers to follow specific guidelines during the account setup process. If they don’t, Amazon can make your products unavailable. Including account setup in our inventory services ensures your products remain in stock.



Forecasting allows us to keep enough product on hand so your customers can receive their orders and helps prevent excess inventory. Multiple factors, such as seasonality and the holidays, affect our forecasts. These and more, including factors specific to your brand, influence what we determine is the ideal amount of inventory you need to have available.


Manual ordering on in-house software

We manually order the inventory FBA brands need using our in-house software PO Portal. Even though Emplicit will place the orders, FBA brands will gain access to PO Portal. Its dashboard will show you replenishment requests and completed replenishments you can reference any time.


Ship monitoring

Our job is far from finished after we order your inventory. We track everything, and we mean everything, we order. Amazon Seller Central allows us to track your products to be certain they end up where they belong: in your customers’ hands.


Shipment reconciliation

Shipping products across the country, and different countries, presents some challenges, like Amazon losing products. This happens more often than we’d like and is why we monitor shipments so closely. Our Logistics team uses tools that allow us to see when Amazon loses units from one of your shipments. We then present that information to our Case Management team so they can get Amazon to find and return your product or reimburse you.


Handle inbound performance alerts and flagged products

Getting flagged enough times because your brand violated an Amazon restriction, intentionally or not, can lead to Amazon refusing to ship your products. Logistics keeps a close eye on whether or not your brand is adhering to Amazon’s restrictions to avoid this scenario. If we find a discrepancy, we make you aware of it as soon as possible so you can continue fulfilling customers’ orders.


Monitor stranded inventory and unfulfillable products

A perk of being an FBA brand is we’ll monitor your stranded inventory and unfulfillable products. Neither is ideal, but both can be easier to solve when the right people are paying attention.

Stranded inventory is unsellable on Amazon. Monitoring this inventory returns it to you as soon as possible. That way, stranded inventory can become inventory you use to fulfill orders.

We monitor unfulfillable products because the inventory Amazon classifies as such isn’t necessarily permanent. Depending on why a product becomes unfulfillable, we can help you make it sellable.

Warehouses remove unfulfillable products due to customer returns and warehouse damage weekly. Logistics investigates what made this inventory unfulfillable and helps you make the necessary product adjustments so you can sell through it.


Returns & removals

Customers return products, and there will be products you eventually remove from your Amazon store. The nitty-gritty of returns and removals can be a hassle, but Emplicit handles both so you don’t have to.


Monitoring stock movements

Whether you’re shipping products domestically or internationally, tracking them is vital. Products going from warehouse to warehouse can be easily lost if the right people aren’t monitoring them. The Logistics team follows their every move, which can prevent things like stranded inventory and unfulfillable products from happening in the first place.


Avoid long-term storage fees

Products collecting dust can end up costing you. Occupying space for an extended amount of time can earn you unwanted storage fees. We can help you avoid this fee by ensuring none of your products stay in one place too long.


FBM set up

The Logistics team can help FBM brands more easily fulfill orders by setting up their account and monitoring order metrics, like Late Shipment Rate and Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate. Our templates and established shipping settings help FBM brands deliver products to their customers.

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