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Executing the services that grow your Amazon store, and then some.

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Emplicit catalog services get you across the finish line

Delivering your target audience a quality shopping experience is essential to stand out on Amazon. To help your brand reach its full potential, we devote a team to ensuring your Amazon store remains current and accurately reflects your brand and product benefits.

Emplicit’s Catalog team ensures that your brand’s latest optimized copy and jaw-dropping visuals from our content experts are always live and that we’re delivering a quality shopping experience and growing your brand’s presence on Amazon.


Improve your customers’ shopping experience today



How catalog services impact your success on Amazon


Product strategy

  • Onboarding category research: Several factors help determine which category your listing will fall under. Our team’s research into compliance and competition guides where we place your products.
  • Parent SKUs & variations: Research tells us what the best possible parentage and variation type (color, size, etc.) SKUs are. We then build them to get your listings in front of more of your target audience.
  • Virtual bundles: Virtual bundles can engage Amazon shoppers and increase sales. The Catalog team collaborates with the client, the Emplicit Strategy and Marketing teams to determine the appropriate bundles and create them when Amazon runs special promotions.


Listing creation

  • Creating master flatfiles: A flatfile is a spreadsheet used to upload and manage listings on Amazon. Our job is to create your master flatfile and organize your entire brand catalog.
  • Creating new listings: The Content team creates the copy, visuals, graphics, and video, and the Catalog team knows how to add them into Amazon’s back-end to make your listings beautiful.
  • Upload A+ content: Our experts ensure your listings’ A+ content is adhering to best practices to increase your conversions.
  • Listing review & QA: We runs quality assurance on Seller Central for each listing to ensure we cross our t’s and dot our i’s.
  • Go live tasks: Once there’s inventory in Amazon’s warehouses, we ensure your products go live immediately so you can start selling.


Listing management

  • Catalog management: Keywords change and designs evolve. We apply these content updates to your flatfile and manage the upload so your listings reflect the latest product and brand information.
  • Regular listing audits: Product benefits, details, etc., can change over time. To make sure your listings reflect these changes, we’ll audit your listings monthly to make sure the content accurately reflects your product and is up to your standards.


Quality assurance and compliance

  • Suppressed listings: Stonehenge is our proprietary software that alerts us when any suppressed listings need attention. Our team respond to these alerts in minutes and do what’s necessary to get your listing back up and running.
  • Listing quality: Amazon provides information about missing attributes, but the Catalog team researches and updates these attributes to ensure compliance and improve SEO.
  • Troubleshooting listings: Our experience and expertise allows us to find solutions to ensure that listings which Amazon may have suppressed because of flagged terms remain live. How we update and optimize listings without getting flagged is our Catalog team’s ‘secret sauce’.
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Improve your customers’ shopping experience today