There’s a reason some Amazon product listing pages look better than others. Product listings with beefed up content and large, striking product images and banners are using A+ Content to differentiate themselves from competitive offerings.
Amazon A+ Content is a feature that enables brand registered sellers to improve their product descriptions and page details with enhanced images, high-definition videos, comparison charts, among other visual features. It’s a great way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
In this brief guide to Amazon A+ Content, we’ve put together a list of best practices as well as examples to give you an idea of how to execute exceptional A+ Content to drive sales.

The Benefits of A+ Content

Also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), Amazon A+ content helps sellers stand out in a sea of other brands selling similar products on the platform. This tool enables brand-registered sellers and vendors to enhance their product listings with high-quality imagery, videos, banners, and eye-catching visuals.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace – currently there are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon. It can quickly become difficult for individual sellers to stand out in the crowd. A+ Content is both memorable and persuasive, giving sellers who employ it a distinct edge over competitors selling similar products.

A+ Content in product listings can help build trust with potential customers. Clear information and appealing visuals make consumers feel more confident about the product they’re buying. This in turn bolsters conversions, minimizes returns, and helps generate more positive reviews.

Amazon has stated that the use of A+ Content can boost overall sales of a product by 3- 10% on average.


Getting Access To Amazon A+ Content Features

Amazon A+ Content features are only available to brand registered sellers and vendors who are part of specific managed-selling programs offered by Amazon.

Currently, Amazon A+ Content is free and unlimited for all vendors. Brand registered sellers and vendors can add A+ Content to any product within their approved brand catalog, up to 15 ASINs per month.

A+ Content Best Practices

Emphasize Unique Selling Points

A+ Content is the perfect tool to empower brands to showcase key product features and benefits. Take advantage of this feature to show customers how your products can solve specific pain points and highlight what makes them superior to competitive offerings.

Combine Images & Texts

High-definition images are key to ranking highly on Amazon search engine results pages. With A+ Content you can combine text with high quality images to highlight specific product functionality, design features, or use cases. Banner images offer an effective way to break the product detail page into attention-
grabbing sections.

Be Concise

Most of us skim when we read, particularly online, so make it easy for customers to quickly scan product listing content. Customers don’t have the patience to engage with long paragraphs of content on product listing pages. Use short lines of text and lists to communicate key information

Use Product Reviews To Fine-Tune Your Product Listing

Before creating A+ Content for your product listing, read through your customer reviews and check the questions and answers section to get an idea of the information buyers often look for. Reviewing customer feedback can help you determine what information has the greatest impact on the buying process and therefore what should be emphasized on product listings.

Review Image Size & Resolution Guidelines

Amazon requires that all images included in your content be the correct size and resolution. However, these requirements vary depending on the Amazon A+ content template you choose.

For example, your company logo needs to be a minimum size of 600 pixels wide by 180 pixels high. Likewise, if you select full-width images, they should be a minimum of 970 pixels wide. Be sure to understand size requirements before building your A+ Content to make sure images render correctly on the site.

Amazon Guidelines for A+ Content

In addition to the best practices above, Amazon has established a few guidelines for sellers using A+ Content. Key rules to abide by include:

  • Avoid the use of: symbols, special characters, contact information, shipping
    information, website links, low-quality images, quotes from third-parties,
    buzzwords (for example,“cutting-edge”), and warranties or guarantees.
  • Once A+ Content is live on Amazon, a seller has two (2) business days within which to request an edit or an update to the page.
  • Lifestyle images should also depict the product in use.
  • Images and text should help customers to get a clear idea of the product they are buying.
  • Amazon can remove a seller’s A+ Content if it violates Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Only products not listed on Amazon by another vendor are eligible for A+ Content at no fee.

11 Examples Of Amazon A+ Content Done The Right Way

With many brands already leveraging Amazon’s A+ Content to improve their brand’s reputation both on and off the platform, here are 11 examples you should learn from:

Bottom Line

Although A+ Content is free to brand registered sellers, it does require an investment of
time in order to do it well. However, the benefits that come with using Amazon A+Content, including increased sales and enhanced brand awareness, make that investment well worth it.

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