Amazon A+ content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), is an exclusive tool that allows brand owners to showcase their product features by adding high-quality imagery, high-definition videos, comparison charts, additional product details, and sales copy, robust FAQs, and more.

Amazon A+ content offers registered brand sellers the ability to boost conversion rates, increase customer trust, and rank higher on Amazon search engine results pages. Currently, Amazon A+ is free for brand-registered sellers and vendors.

Here is an example of Amazon A+ content:



It is important to note that A+ content is only available to brand registered sellers. In Seller Central, A+ content manager is found under the advertising tab while on vendor central, it is found under the merchandising tab.

Seller Central


Vendor Central



If you’re new to Amazon A+ content, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how Amazon A+ content templates and modules work. It is also important that you understand the program’s features and limitations to create more engaging and comprehensive product listings.

Getting Started With A+ Content On Amazon

Understanding Amazon A+ Content Templates

As a verified A+ brand on Amazon, you can create “content templates” using the available modules. Amazon offers standard and advanced modules, allowing vendors to choose any modules to use on their product pages. These modules provide different combinations of images and text, so you can choose what works best for you.

Using The Right A+ Modules

Amazon allows you to choose between 15 standard modules that can be applied to your templates. To create an attractive design, you must choose modules that complement each other.

Full-width image modules come with text overlay features that allow you to highlight your product’s key features. The modules include a standard image with dark text overlay, light text overlay, and image header text.

Single image modules help sellers to communicate text information in a more structured manner. You can use these modules to showcase your product’s specifications, bullet points, benefits, and brand information.

Multiple image modules come in handy for highlighting product features in groups using text and visuals.

You should use these modules to showcase your products’ most important aspects. Keep in mind the multiple-image modules should not be overused as they could become confusing.
Comparison chart modules present an effective way to compare and contrast multiple versions of a product.

Text modules provide a full-width plain text which includes product description text and standard text.

Generally, your choice of Amazon A+ content template will depend on the aspects of your products that you want to showcase.

Due to the limitations within the Amazon ecosystem, branded A+ pages can only be created in a handful of ways. To simplify the process, here’s how to optimize your use of templates.

While limited in nature, A+ content templates aren’t offered to just anyone. If you’ve made it this far, it means that your brand is in good shape to triple sales on Amazon!

Tell Your Brand Story With Amazon A+ Content Templates

Using A+ content templates isn’t just a way to be more efficient with your branding efforts on Amazon—it is a way to tell your brand story in an outstanding manner. Amazon A+ content templates provide an effective way to enhance a standard Amazon listing to make it more engaging for users which can lead to higher sales.

Bottom Line

If you’re brand-registered with Amazon, take advantage of A+ content to draw extra attention to your products, and drive sales up. If you don’t have the skills to create enticing A+ content, it’s a good idea to hire an expert to do it for you.

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