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A strong Amazon brand strategy has a great impact on the success of your Amazon business. Since there are many sellers on Amazon who offer similar products, to truly stand out, you must position your brand in your customer’s minds.

Once you’ve created a solid Amazon global brand strategy, it will help you craft a competitive strategy and effective marketing strategies, and make your messaging hyper-relevant to a specific audience.

Many Amazon sellers struggle with getting their brand positioning right. While getting brand positioning right is hard, it’s critical. If you get it wrong, you won’t be able to make enough sales.

Whether you’re a new seller on Amazon or a seasoned seller, you’ll need to work on building a robust Amazon brand positioning strategy if you want your business to survive.

Brand positioning on Amazon is all about listing features and capabilities of your product, understanding your target market, positioning your product in a way that resonates with your ideal buyers, and creating a positioning statement that connects with your entire brand.


Why Is Amazon Brand Strategy Important?

Without understanding the importance of Amazon brand strategy, it’s easy to take it for granted. Do not be among the millions of Amazon sellers who miss this critical component in their selling strategy.

Here are top reasons why Amazon brand strategy is important:

It Sets You Apart From The Competition

Without a unique Amazon brand strategy, you won’t be able to beat your competitors. Amazon has become extremely competitive in nearly all selling categories and that means amplifying your message and story is key to breaking through the clutter of noise.

A clear brand position enables you to stake out a unique impression in the customer’s mind so that potential buyers can associate something desirable with your brand that sets you apart from your competitors.

Remember every seller on Amazon is vying for customer’s time and attention. Not having a unique Amazon brand identity is like throwing darts at random targets. With a unique Amazon brand positioning strategy, you’ll be able to break through the clutter of noise and speak directly to the customers you intend to attract.

Foster Market Differentiation

Let’s face it. There are millions of similar products on Amazon. For someone to buy your product, you must demonstrate what makes your product different from the others. This is where Amazon brand positioning strategy comes in.

Brand positioning allows you to articulate your product’s unique selling proposition and how it resolves an unmet need. When you do so, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and make more sales.

You Can Compete On Value Rather Than Price

As Amazon becomes more competitive, competing on price rather than on value is more of a race to the bottom. For buyers to pass all the other sellers on the marketplace and buy from you, they’ll need to be convinced about the value you’re bringing to the table.

Without a solid Amazon brand positioning strategy, you won’t be able to convince potential customers about the value you offer. An effective brand positioning allows you to create a positive outlook from customers.

Enables You To Justify Your Pricing Strategies

Even when you offer real value to customers, you’ll need to justify your pricing, otherwise, your customers will feel like they’re not getting the best deal.

Amazon branding strategy enables you to identify and compare your brand to competitors and what they offer, which informs whether your pricing strategy is justified. If your prices are higher than your competitor’s, brand positioning helps you clarify why your prices are higher and vice versa.

It Helps You Win More Customers

When you differentiate your brand from your competitors, you’re able to trigger an emotional response from potential customers.

Remember Amazon shoppers want easy decisions regarding who to buy from. A majority of shoppers do not want to spend countless hours hunting through multiple options.

Brand positioning allows you to win the trust of potential customers within the shortest time possible, which increases the opportunity for completed sales.

Amazon brand positioning strategy, done correctly, can be a marketing powerhouse.

Check out these best-looking Amazon brand storefronts to get an idea of how a compelling brand looks like.


It Helps To Amplify Your Story And Messaging

It’s nearly impossible to articulate the unique selling points of your Amazon business when you don’t understand your branding positioning.

You won’t be able to write a compelling copy that can win more sales or write your foundational story in a unique way.

With Amazon brand strategy, you can tell the right stories about your brand in a way that differentiates you from your competitors.

As you can see, Amazon brand strategy is the singular most important part of growing your Amazon business. It enables you to define what you offer to customers and where you fit amongst your competition.

However, developing and implementing a unique Amazon brand strategy can be a challenge for new sellers.

Even seasoned sellers who don’t understand what goes into Amazon brand positioning strategy can find it to be overwhelming.

Luckily, Sunken Stone has got you covered when it comes to developing an Amazon brand identity. Get in touch with our brand management experts and let us help you cement your brand as a staple in your niche.

How To Develop A Solid Amazon Brand Strategy

Evaluate Your Current Brand Position

If you’re already selling on Amazon, you’ll need to evaluate your current brand position to determine what sets your brand apart from your competition.

Your brand should match customer perceptions, enable growth and be believable and credible.

If you need help with evaluating your current brand position, contact us at Sunken Stone, and our team of certified Amazon brand management experts will assist you.

Research Your Competitors

This will help you find out how their brand positioning strategy compares to yours. You’ll only be able to differentiate your brand from the herd if you understand your competitor’s Amazon brand strategy. You can utilize competitor research tools for Amazon to scout your competitors.

Some of the effective tools you can use for competitor analysis on Amazon include AMZScout, Helium 10, IO Scout, and Jungle Scout.


These tools will help you get an idea of the kind of strategies your competitors are implementing so that you can develop a positioning strategy that will make you stand out.

Create A Value-Based Brand Positioning Statement

This statement will describe your target market and how you want that market to perceive your brand. It will also inform your marketing strategy. If you need assistance with crafting a value-based brand positioning statement, our branding experts at Sunken Stone can help.

Put Your Strategy To Work

Once you have a solid Amazon brand positioning strategy, it’s time to implement it. Ensure you communicate your value to potential customers through advertising, customer service, email communication, sales programs, and public relations.

Your strategy should be consistent with messaging throughout your marketing. Most importantly, review the touchpoints of your Amazon brand strategy from time to time to determine how you’re expressing your brand’s position.

A unique Amazon brand identity leaves a lasting impression on your customers. When customers associate something desirable about your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.

You can use exciting promotions, targeted advertising, attractive packaging, and competitive pricing to attract and retain more customers.

How To Protect Your Brand On Amazon

There are a lot of bad actors on Amazon. This is a significant challenge that Amazon sellers have to deal with.

Unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters, and hijackers can steal sales from you and even ruin your brand.

Everything from Amazon listing sabotage and listing hijacking to patent infringement and trademark infringement can hurt your Amazon business.

That’s why it’s important to protect your brand from bad actors on Amazon.

Here are some of the best ways to protect your brand on Amazon:

Sign Up For Amazon Brand Registry

Joining Amazon Brand Registry gives you more control over your brand’s product listing and gives you access to monitoring tools.

Aside from unlocking additional brand protection features, Amazon Brand Registry expands your ad options and helps to boost your sales and maximize your conversion rates.



Use MAP Pricing

MAP pricing is a policy that brands use to define the lowest possible price that a reseller can advertise a product for sale. MAP pricing can prevent resellers from price undercutting.

Although this brand protection strategy comes with its pros and cons, it can protect you from unfair competition and help you identify unauthorized sellers.

However, Amazon doesn’t get involved in enforcing MAP pricing agreements. If you notice that a seller is violating your Amazon MAP pricing policy, send them a cease and desist letter.

Also, joining Amazon Brand Registry can provide you access to monitoring tools.

Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark is an effective way to combat infringements. A trademark is simply a sign or a combination of things that distinguish your products from those of other sellers.

When your products are trademarked, you can report unauthorized sellers to Amazon.

Make Your Brand Unique

There are many ways you can make your brand unique, making it difficult for counterfeiters to profit off your product. Ensure you put your logo everywhere, including your product, packaging, listing, and images.

Another strategy you can use to protect your brand is using Amazon’s FNSKUs rather than barcodes provided by the manufacturer.

You’ll also have to explain your product’s unique selling points in a way that makes you stand out.

Use Third-Party Tools To Protect Your Brand On Amazon

Bad actors on Amazon tend to be on top of their game. You’ll need to implement a solid brand protection strategy to outsmart them. By leveraging third-party tools like AMZAlert and Listing Eagle, you can easily uncover the identity of unscrupulous sellers before they ruin your brand.

Listing Eagle monitors your Amazon listing and notifies you when your listing is under threat. This tool is easy to use and comes with a money-back guarantee.


AMZAlert enables you to track any changes to your Amazon listings. This tool continually scans your products and sends you alerts whenever there’s a problem. It can help you save time and give you peace of mind knowing that your brand is protected.

Use Amazon Transparency and Amazon Project Zero

Amazon Project Zero is a self-service tool that enables sellers to remove counterfeit products from the marketplace instantly. It utilizes machine learning and advanced technology to detect hijackers and counterfeiters in the marketplace.


Amazon Project Zero provides automated protection, hence it’s an effective tool for counterfeit removal. It can only be used by approved brands.

Amazon Transparency is a product serialization service that allows sellers to combat counterfeit products. With this service, Amazon can authenticate items before they’re shipped into and out of warehouses.



Contact Amazon

If you’ve tried reaching out to a seller who’s ripping off your brand and they don’t seem to be taking action, you can contact Amazon to handle the issue.

Amazon has a dedicated team that handles issues to do with counterfeiting, unauthorized sellers, and copyright infringement.

Ensure you point out the exact terms and policies the seller has violated and the action you want Amazon to take.

Selling on Amazon is extremely competitive, and some unscrupulous sellers will always try to steal sales from legitimate sellers. You’ve worked so hard to grow your Amazon brand, and you should never allow rogue sellers to steal your sales and ruin your brand.

Final Thoughts

Amazon brand positioning strategy is all about what you offer, the place you hold in your target audience’s mind, and how well you perform when pitted against competitors. Being able to develop a solid Amazon brand strategy allows you to control how potential customers perceive your products and gives you the opportunity to position your product to be more convincing in the marketplace.

If you need help with developing an effective Amazon global brand strategy and boost your authority on Amazon, get in touch with Emplicit, a top-tier, results-driven Amazon marketing Agency for growing eCommerce brands. We are a trusted Amazon brand management agency that helps Amazon sellers to scale their businesses.

Our brand management experts can identify areas of your Amazon business that need to be optimized and advise you accordingly.

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