The Buy Box is a key part of achieving success on Amazon yet new sellers aren’t allowed to have it. So, is there any way that you could get it? There are several ways both FBA and FBM sellers can get the Amazon Buy Box.

New sellers on Amazon have the chance to win the Buy Box on Amazon provided they meet certain eligibility criteria.

What is the Buy Box on Amazon?

The Buy Box refers to the ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ button that is prominently displayed on the right side of the Amazon product detail page.


Amazon gives buy box preference to FBA sellers because Amazon has physical control over inventory and fulfillment of orders. Merchants who use Amazon FBA land the buy Box much quicker. New offers from FBA sellers are automatically eligible for the Buy Box.

This does not mean FBM sellers cannot win the Buy Box. However, if you’re a new FBM seller, it takes time for Amazon to trust that you can fulfill orders faster. So it can take time to win the Buy Box.

The best way you can increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box as an FBM seller is to offer great customer service, fast shipping, have a professional selling account and maintain sufficient inventory levels.

FBM sellers can also get the Buy Box by enrolling for the seller-fulfilled prime program (SFP). Sellers need to maintain excellent metrics to qualify for SFP.

New Sellers: Here’s Why The Buy Box Matters

If you’re a new seller, it’s easy to compare missing functionalities with other brands that have been on Amazon for far longer, including the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is important for sellers because it increases their chances of making a sale. It also increases your exposure helping you to get noticed on Amazon. Most shoppers view the Buy Box as an endorsement by Amazon since it’s given based on a seller’s ability to give the customer the best possible value for their money.


The Buy Box Is The Key To Fast Purchases

People trust Amazon so when they see the familiar “Add to Cart” button, they know they’re going to get their product in just a few days. That’s why sellers on Amazon need to get the Amazon Buy Box new seller to enable shoppers to make their purchases quickly.

Your Role In The Buy Box Equation

As an Amazon seller, your goal is to build trust on the platform either via letting Amazon handle your shipments (FBA) or building a name for yourself through Amazon FBM. You can build trust by keeping enough inventory, keeping your pricing competitive, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

There’s no doubt that capturing the Buy Box is an important milestone for any new seller. Here are the steps necessary for both FBA and FBM sellers to get their own.

1. Have An Amazon Professional Seller Account
Sellers who have purchased professional seller account are eligible for the Amazon Buy Box. This plan costs $39.99 per month; sellers with individual seller accounts cannot win the Buy Box.

2. Sell Products In A New Condition
To be eligible for Amazon Buy Box, you must sell new items rather than second-hand ones. Used items aren’t eligible for the regular Buy Box, though there’s a separate Buy Box for used items.

3. Stay In Stock
You must have sufficient inventory of your listed items to win the Amazon Buy Box. Amazon. Typically, Amazon gives priority to sellers who have sufficient levels of inventory to fulfill orders faster. If you’re unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner, your chances of winning the Buy Box take a hit.

Getting The Buy Box As A New Seller

When you think about the Buy Box, you have to think about how Amazon wants the products displayed on its platform to be qualitative and readily available. That’s why one of the requirements to win the Buy Box is keeping good stock levels to fulfill orders.

Another requirement is to offer high-quality products. Generally, being a reliable Amazon seller will increase your chances of getting the Amazon Buy Box new seller.

FBA Allows New Sellers To Capture The Buy Box Faster

Fulfilled-by-Amazon is a popular program that allows sellers to store their inventory directly in Amazon’s warehouse for quick shipping. Winning the Buy Box is a top priority for FBA sellers.

Being an FBA seller has the biggest impact on winning the Buy Box. Amazon gives preference to FBA sellers because they know their orders will be fulfilled without fail. Remember that being an FBA seller does not win you the Buy Box automatically. You must meet the eligibility criteria as well to get the Buy Box.

Steps On Getting FBA Buy Box

  • Set prices competitively
  • Improve seller feedback score
  • Keep good stock levels
  • Sell new items
  • Keep seller’s Account Health in good standing
  • Give customers the best experience
  • Follow up with customers to request reviews

How New FBM Sellers Can Get The Buy Box

Fulfilled-by-merchant (FBM) is the more traditional way of shipping your products by keeping your own inventory and shipping directly. Amazon FBM is a DIY approach whereby the seller is in control of the fulfillment of orders. New FBM sellers are not eligible to win the Buy Box. Only FBM sellers with excellent metrics stand a chance to get the Buy Box.


Steps On Getting FBM Buy Box

  • Have sufficient order volume
  • Maintain excellent metrics (order defect rate, late shipment rate, and cancellation rate)
  • List as a Prime seller. This applies to FBM merchants because FBA sellers automatically qualify for Prime.
  • Speed up your shipping time—the faster items are shipped, the better the Buy Box score.

Whatever the program you’re interested in, the Buy Box is mostly about maximizing your sales volume while providing exceptional customer support. If you want to get the most out of Amazon, it’s a good idea to optimize for the Buy Box. With the Amazon Buy Box new sellers, you’ll get noticed by more shoppers and make more sales. Typically, Amazon shoppers trust sellers with the Buy Box, so winning the Buy Box one of the ways you can take your Amazon business to the next level.

Focus On Building Trust As An Amazon Brand

Amazon’s platform can recognize which sellers are most likely to satisfy customers in a short period of time (spoiler alert: new sellers have a hard time with this). However, you can fast-track your way to Buy Box eligibility using the strategies mentioned above. You can join Amazon FBA and if you’re an FBM seller, ensure your metrics are in good standing. Winning the Buy Box whether you’re an FBA seller or FBM merchant increases your chances of succeeding on Amazon and builds credibility for your brand and this translates to more sales.

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