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If you’re thinking to yourself, “I let my Amazon listing act as my marketing plan,” you may want to think again. Marketing on Amazon is not a singular approach. While your Amazon listing is most certainly a crucial aspect of your digital shelf, more significant marketing efforts on and off the platform can help you increase sales but also help you gain coveted recognition as a cherished brand.


As a new seller or even an experienced Amazon business owner, you may be suffering some of the pitfalls of a cash restrictive business model. That’s okay because there are a few sneaky tricks to unveiling that concealed cash you may not have even known was at your disposal.

Let’s explore the ways Amazon FBA Reimbursements can help you increase your marketing budget. Read on!

What Is Amazon FBA Cash Flow?

Cash flow refers to cash moving in and out of business and holding positive or negative balances. Advertising, marketing, branding, and purchasing inventory are a few examples of where companies spend cash on growing on Amazon.

Cash flow is vital to Amazon FBA sellers due to the rapid growth Amazon FBA offers. If a product hits the Amazon market and is successful, the demand for inventory only increases. With this demand comes a need for more access to cash to help support the life and growth of the business.

Because of the ease of entry Amazon offers, business owners don’t always consider cash to the degree it should be regarded in the beginning phases of operation. Business owners typically focus on inventory and logistics, while cash flow seems to be one of those afterthoughts sellers choose “to deal with later.”

The ‘deal with it later’ attitude can mean sellers miss opportunities to boost their marketing plans and budgets, so it’s always a good idea to think about how to increase cash flow at all stages of your Amazon FBA business.


What Can A Better Marketing Plan Offer In Your FBA Business?

There are many factors to consider when talking about the success of an Amazon FBA business. But, the truth is that success on Amazon comes down to a marriage of efforts, including great products, branding, advertising, and essential marketing strategies to help grow your business on and off of the marketplace.

Marketing is the life and roots of your FBA business; it helps engage your customers, build relationships, provide valuable insights about your products, and help boost your conversions, all while maintaining relevancy in the fast pace of e-commerce.

The Four Pillars Of Marketing Success

When building a marketing strategy, it’s essential to look at four pillars to your success.


While content may strike the average seller as unimportant, it can often be an undervalued strategy that can help you accelerate growth. Brand content includes your Amazon listing and storefront, website, social media, blog articles, and more. Any form of content that provides education, promotion, inspiration, and entertainment to your audience is valuable. Unfortunately, sellers don’t stress the importance of content early on because they lack the workforce needed to do it all and do it all well.


For Amazon sellers, advertising focuses on pay-per-click ads. While PPC is undoubtedly a significant factor for success on Amazon, so are advertising efforts elsewhere in your business. You’ll need a robust understanding of advertising across different platforms, including Amazon. Without this ability or knowledge, your brand’s visibility can suffer.

Inventory Management

2021, in particular, showed us that inventory management is essential to an Amazon FBA business. If you aren’t managing inventory adequately, you could be inadvertently putting the health of your business in jeopardy, especially in unexpected times like covid-19.

Customer Service – Amazon is a customer-centric platform, and as you expand, you’ll discover just how important customer service is to your brand. Suppose you’re too busy navigating other areas of your FBA business and your customer service falls short. In that case, you can be jeopardizing your ratings on Amazon, but you can also risk negative exposure online that could be very harmful to your growth.

A hard reality many sellers face, and typically sooner than later, is that they don’t have enough time or cash flow to support the robust marketing needs their FBA business requires to really skyrocket growth.

Turnkey solutions exist in the market to help Amazon sellers navigate these challenges. It’s essential to look for solutions that deliver results, so you can focus on other aspects of growing your FBA business.


What Marketing Solutions Should You Be Looking for?

Great question, and we’re glad you asked because, as we said, marketing is the literal growth path to your success on and off of Amazon.

Robust marketing solutions can offer you:

  • An opportunity to establish a recognized brand on Amazon
  • Amazon account management
  • Better PPC performance
  • Ignite a firestorm of affiliate partnerships
  • Customized technology and reporting solutions
  • Experienced team members with the Amazon expertise you need

Now, if you’re thinking, “That sounds great, but where can we find the cash to implement these solutions?” That’s where Amazon FBA Reimbursements can help you.

Keep reading!

Amazon FBA Reimbursements Can Help You Skyrocket Your Marketing Strategy

Amazon FBA reimbursements are money owed to you by Amazon and come from discrepancies on your selling account.

It can be a little surprising when you start selling on Amazon to learn that the mega online powerhouse may owe you money. When you think of the size of the fulfillment operation, though, you can begin to understand how these discrepancies can quickly occur.

Why Types Of Discrepancies Are There?

Discrepancies range in type, but here are the five main categories:

  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Disposed
  • Overcharged in fees
  • Destroyed

When differences occur, Amazon sellers qualify for Amazon FBA reimbursement. The kicker here is that you, the Amazon seller, need to perform Amazon audits to seek out just how many discrepancies are in your account. The next step is to file Amazon claims to recover the money owed to you.


Now, you’d think this was a reasonably straightforward process, right?

The problem is that sellers are often task-saturated, especially when other critical areas like marketing plans require ongoing focus. They may lack the time or experience to maximize their FBA reimbursement outcomes by instead managing case files using seller support.

Here are some numbers to help you see how your account can be affected by discrepancies:

Roughly 1-3% of a seller’s inventory can be affected by a discrepancy at any time in its lifecycle. Out of 100 units of stock, that means 1-3 units may be affected. If you aren’t managing FBA reimbursements adequately and have multiple SKUs, these numbers can add up to staggering quantities. The result? Money that belongs to you that you cannot access.

What Are Your Options To Recover Amazon FBA Reimbursement?

Solutions exist in the Amazon world to help sellers manage and file Amazon FBA reimbursements. Once a seller can recover the maximum funds owed to them, they can flow this cashback into their FBA business. Importantly, business owners can use this money to hire an Amazon marketing agency solutions so you can grow your business and Amazon presence into the powerhouse of your dreams.

It’s always best to ensure any solution provider you authorize in your selling account is a part of the Amazon Service Provider Network. The Amazon Service Provider Network audits and approves providers, giving you added trust in their performance within your account.

Implementing an FBA reimbursement recovery procedure as soon as you start selling on the platform, or hiring a solution provider to maximize your recovery, will help you afford surging marketing solutions that your brand must utilize.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is and will always be, be the life of your FBA business. The best thing sellers can do to maximize marketing strategy opportunities is to access all available cash resources so that the marketing focal point of your business does not suffer.

GETIDA helps sellers recover the maximum funds owed to them so that you can grow your marketing plan with the help of the best marketing agency solutions like those offered at Emplicit.

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