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Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative business if you learn the ropes and master how the marketplace works. Being one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms globally, Amazon gives sellers unlimited opportunities to reach a wide audience and build a profitable business. Find out which Amazon products will give you the best chance of success and which ones to avoid in this Amazon product categories comparison.

However, there’s so much that goes into finding success on Amazon. One of the crucial decisions you’ll have to make is which product category to sell in.

Most new sellers assume that all Amazon product categories are the same but this is far from the truth. Some product categories have higher profit margins than others, some have cut-throat competition while others present fewer opportunities for growth.

That’s why some sellers make 6-7 figure income on Amazon while others struggle to make sales.

If you want to generate a substantial income on Amazon, it’s important to find a profitable product category. With 36 product categories to choose from, finding the most profitable niche to focus on can be overwhelming.


In this guide, we will list all Amazon product categories to choose from because of the best selling. We’ll also list the best categories to sell on Amazon to help you make an informed choice.

Topics Covered In This Guide

  • Overview of Amazon Product Categories
  • List of Best Selling Categories On Amazon
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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Read on to learn more about the most profitable Amazon categories and set yourself up for success on Amazon.

Overview Of Amazon Product Categories

The millions of products sold on Amazon into different categories and subcategories.

Here’s a comprehensive Amazon category list:

Amazon Device & Accessories

Products sold in this category include fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle, Echo & Alexa, smart home devices such as smart doorbells, alarms, smart plugs, appliances, Wi-Fi, smart lighting, and security cameras.

Amazon Pharmacy

This product category is for sellers who specialize in medications. The sellers must seek approval from Amazon to be allowed to sell pharmaceutical products.

Amazon Pharmacy gives prime members additional benefits because of lower prices and speedy delivery.
Signing up for Amazon Pharmacy is a simple and straightforward process that should take less than 5 minutes.


Automotive & Powersports

This niche deals with a wide range of products including truck parts & accessories, interior accessories, tires & wheels, oils & fluids, car care products, tools & equipment, Powersports & motorcycle, RV parts & accessories, and many more.

Sellers can sell new, used, and certified refurbished products in this niche. Besides, one needs approval from Amazon to list products in this category.


Baby Products (Excluding Apparel)

Some of the products sold in this niche include strollers, car seats for babies, feeding products. It includes formula dispensers, bottle accessories, bottle tote bags, and sterilizers. Plus carriers, playmats, bouncers, diapers, toys, storage and organization, nursery décor, and many more. The list is endless.


This category is only for selling books. The sub-categories under this category include arts & photography, literature & fiction, romance, sci-fi & fantasy, business & investing, teens & young adult books, and many more.

Some of the profitable products to sell in this category include comics, fictional books, children’s books, biographies, memoirs, cookbooks, recipe books, and diet books.

You can sell new and used books in this niche as well as collectibles.


Video Games

This category comprises video games such as PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PlayStation Vita, Online Game Services, and many more. Sellers can list video games under this category by different genres. Video Games is also one of the bestselling

Consumer Electronics

This is among the bestselling product categories on Amazon and deals with all kinds of consumer electronics ranging from computers and accessories to cell phones and home audio. It is divided into many sub-categories, including TV & Audio, Cell Phones & Accessories, Photography and Videography, Amazon Devices, Office Electronics, Musical Instruments, and many more.

This category is open to all sellers. Check out more sub-categories under electronics here.


Magazine Subscriptions

In this niche, you’ll find thousands of magazines on a wide range of topics including business & investing, culture, entertainment & pop, health, fashion, outdoors, cooking, fitness & wellness, lifestyle, and many other topics.


Fine Art & Collectibles

Products sold in this category include sports collectibles, entertainment collectibles (movies & TV, music, theater, ephemera, animation & comics), coin collectibles (rare coins & coin sets), fine art (paintings, prints, photographs, mixed media, drawings), trading cards, historical & political collectibles.
Sellers need approval from Amazon to sell in this category.

Grocery & Gourmet Food

Products sold in this product category include baby food, cold & warm beverages, snacks, candy & chocolate, cooking staples, and SNAP-eligible groceries.

To sell in this category, sellers must maintain a good account health rating and meet several requirements laid out by Amazon.


Beauty & Personal Care

This category is devoted specifically to beauty and personal care products such as makeup, men’s grooming, oral care products (mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes), fragrance, tools & accessories (styling tools, mirrors, brushes, and more), and hair & skincare products.

This category is not gated but certain subcategories require approval from Amazon. You can only sell new beauty & personal care products in this category (that means you can’t sell used products).


Home & Garden

Some of the products sold in this category include patio furniture, outdoor heating, outdoor décor, pools, hot tubs, storage sheds, deck boxes, generators, lawn care products, gardening tools, outdoor power (lawnmowers, string trimmers, chain saws, pressure washers, leaf blowers, and so on), outdoor cooking products such as grills, fryers, smokers, and many other products.

Sellers can sell new, refurbished, used, and collectibles in this niche.


Industrial & Scientific

Some of the products sold in this category include abrasive & finishing products, adhesives, lubricants, sealant, commercial lighting, digital signage, industrial hardware, janitorial & sanitation supplies, and many more.

To sell in the industrial & scientific category, sellers must have a professional selling account in good standing, ensure their products meet the required safety standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Office Products

This niche deals with office products such as office & school supplies, printers & print supplies, projectors, office electronics, office furniture & lighting, storage & organization, writing, and correction (erasers, highlighters, markers, pencils, pens, and technical drawing).

Although sellers do not need the approval to list products in this category, some sub-categories may require approval.


Gift Cards

This niche has gift cards from brands like Apple, Google Play, Visa, and Amazon.


Amazon Handmade is a platform within the larger marketplace that is specifically devoted to selling handcrafted products such as handcrafted artwork, handbags, jewelry, home décor, and many more. Mass-produced products cannot be sold on Amazon Handmade.

Sellers are vetted thoroughly before joining the artisan-only platform to ensure only high-quality handcrafted products are sold on the platform. This is one of the reasons millions of customers around the world trust Amazon Handmade.

To join Amazon Handmade as a seller, you’re required to submit an application for approval.
Learn more about Amazon Handmade and how it works.


Pet Supplies

The products that sellers can list in this category include treats, collars & leashes, beds & furniture, health supplies, toys, pet food for dogs, cats, fishes, small animals, birds, reptiles, and horses.

Art, Crafts & Sewing

This category deals with products such as beading, jewelry, crafting, fabric, fabric decorating, gift wrapping supplies, knitting & crochet, needlework, party decorations & supplies, art supplies, sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, and many more.

Toys & Games

This is one of the bestselling categories on Amazon. It comprises several sub-categories, including arts & crafts, building toys, baby & toddler toys, collectible toys, dolls & accessories, kids’ electronics, party supplies, and many more.

There are certain requirements that sellers must meet in order to list products in this category.

Sports & Outdoors

This niche is divided into a number of sub-categories which include athletic apparel, boating & fishing, camping & hiking, climbing, cycling, golf, exercise & fitness, water sports, winter sports, and many more.

Check out more sub-categories under sports & outdoors.

Sellers do not need the approval to list products in this category.

Tools & Home Improvement

This category is divided into several sub-categories, including woodworking, lighting, power & hand tools, paint & supplies, tool organizers, safety & security, kitchen & bath fixtures, appliances, and many more.
Sellers can list new, used, and certified refurbished products in this category.


This is a gated category that requires Amazon’s approval. There are specific requirements that sellers must meet to be approved to sell in this category. For instance, all products sold under this category must be new and authentic. Besides, one must have a professional seller account and maintain a good Amazon account health rating.

List Of Best Selling Categories On Amazon

Toys & Games

The Toys & Games category has huge potential for generating high sales because of a large customer base. Kids are excessive market consumers around the world and since toys and games appeal to them, the demand for these products can only increase with time.

However, this niche is extremely dynamic because new trends tend to influence the release of new toys and games. As a seller in this category, you’ll have to keep tabs on trends especially those that resonate with kids.


Electronics are an integral part of our lives today. Provided consumers want to be up-to-date with technology, smart devices, gadgets, and accessories will always be on the list of bestselling categories on Amazon.

However, this category is extremely competitive as it is dominated by an established brand. The best way to thrive in this category is to source products directly from manufacturers so that you can get the best prices and be able to compete within the marketplace. Another strategy is to focus on a specific niche rather than a broad niche.

The best-selling products in the electronics niche include Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device, Roku Streaming Stick, Echo Dot, Roku Express, Amazon Smart Plug, and Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film.


Video Games

Video games are increasingly becoming popular around the world, so it’s easy to see why this product category has grown to become one of the most profitable niches on Amazon. The hardware and software parts of video games are always in demand and consumers tend to prefer games with better graphics and high-quality hardware.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on developing video games with high-quality graphics and hardware in order to stay ahead of the competition. Besides, sellers need to stay updated on the current trends in videos games so as to develop products that their target audience is more likely to buy.
Bestsellers in the video games category are PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, and PC.

Camera & Photo Accessories

This is a sub-category that lies within the electronics category. With social media being an integral part of our lives today, an increasing number of people are buying cameras and photo accessories to keep up with digital life. To make decent sales in this niche, you need to focus on a specific sub-category and implement innovative marketing tactics to sell your brand.



There’s a misconception out there that paperbacks and hardcover books are outdated. The truth is, there are millions of people around the world who love reading physical books in today’s digital era. There are more bookaholics out there than you could think of, and that’s why “books” have always ranked among the best-selling product categories on Amazon.

You can generate a decent income by selling books on Amazon. However, you’ll need to stay updated on bestsellers, all-time favorites, and new releases to stay ahead of your competitors.

The bestsellers in the “books” category include Greenlights, Atomic Habits, Speechless, A Promised Land, Project Hail Mary, and many more. Check out the best sellers and editors’ picks in the books category.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Clothing and shoes are basic needs in our lives, so it’s easy to see why this category is among the best-selling categories on Amazon. Products that sell well under this category include shoes, exclusive apparel, and rhinestone jewelry pieces.

Beauty & Personal Care

Most people want to look good and maintain high standards of hygiene. This is why “beauty & personal care” is a high revenue-generating category. This category is very competitive and to make it as a seller, consider creating an organic beauty line.

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