Clinical Effects

Health and beauty brand achieves 4-digit percentage growth

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clinical effects supplements and hair care products

Clinical Effects offer a range of US-made health and fitness supplements, and beauty treatments. When Clinical Effects came to Emplicit in June 2020 they had already launched on Amazon, but were not experiencing significant sales.

We audited the product listings and decided we needed to rebuild the Clinical Effects store from scratch.

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In the first 6 months of sales (up to December 2020) we managed an increase in monthly sales of 2,500% and established Amazon as a cornerstone to Clinical Effect’s ecommerce business.
From January of 2021 until October 2022 we managed an further increase in monthly sales of 240%.

We continue to carefully control Clinical Effect’s ACoS to under 30% a month and and their TACoS to under 10%. This allows us to scale ad spend to ensure consistent growth.

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