The top 5 questions you must ask while evaluating Amazon agencies

Deciding to hire an agency to help you sell on Amazon is easy, but deciding which agency to hire can be difficult. This guide will help you in your search.

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1 – Which tools help you manage brands on Amazon?

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the agency you work with should use tools and software that help build a profitable brand on Amazon.

Why tools & software matter

Most agencies focus solely on advertising performance and forget about tools covering other aspects of Amazon management.

The right tools make all the difference

Rather than caring only about advertising optimization, Emplicit uses tools that establish a lasting foundation for brands on Amazon regardless of ad spend. With access to our proprietary software for inventory management, customer service, reviews, and more, your brand will maintain a competitive edge and thrive on Amazon.


2 – How do I start working with your agency?

An exceptional agency will always explain its onboarding process so that you know exactly what to expect as a new client.

The importance of onboarding

When the onboarding process only involves adding products to Amazon and building ad campaigns, working with an agency can feel like a cash grab.

Find a winning onboarding process

Instead of jumping into advertising immediately, you’ll go through the Sunken Stone onboarding process which lays the foundation for your success on Amazon. Onboarding your brand involves a review of your competitors, product keywords, marketing plans, content, inventory forecasts, and more.


3 – How will your agency grow my brand on Amazon?

Asking how an agency plans to grow your brand on Amazon will explain whether they have a solid strategy for long-term success.

Why it matters

The answer you’re looking for should go beyond simply running PPC ads. But, the truth is, most agencies focus on primarily one thing—Sponsored Product Ads. Other agencies simply ask for a larger advertising budget if your brand isn’t hitting its ROI goals. It’s usually their solution to any profitability issues on Amazon, regardless of the underlying cause.

Ad spend doesn’t equal success

Emplicit grows your brand holistically instead of blaming ad spend for negative results. Our growth strategy involves finding opportunities to improve your listings, margins, and conversions using a marketing strategy where every element works together. The result is a sustainable system for long-term growth rather than a temporary fix for low sales volume.


4 – How Does Your Agency Charge For Services?

How an agency charges for services matters. You must know what you’ll receive for your money and ensure the agency is transparent and upfront about its costs.

How most agencies charge

The most common way agencies charge for services is by taking a percentage of your brand’s sales on Amazon. Although it sounds nice in the short term, paying an agency $40,000 monthly to do the same work they’ve always done severely reduces your profits.

How we differ

Rather than requiring a percentage of sales, at Emplicit, we offer an a la carte service model where we charge for time and materials. Charging for time and materials makes it so that you only pay when we do the work. Instead, reinvest the cash into additional services that scale your brand on Amazon.


5 – Does your agency have proven results in my industry?

Anyone can claim to achieve results on Amazon, but not every marketing agency has the data to back it up.

Why it matters

With many successful and unsuccessful agencies, your brand needs a partner with tangible sales results that can explain what makes their performance stand out.

Search for an agency with results

If a brand cannot clearly explain how they help brands on Amazon or show results from past clients, it’s a good indication that they are not the right agency for your business. Exploring an agency’s testimonials, reviewing case studies, and discussing performance outside of Amazon are ideal ways to find the perfect brand-agency fit.

The Emplicit difference

At Emplicit, we have generated $1B in revenue for hundreds of brands on Amazon. We have success improving results in every aspect of Amazon marketing, including PPC ads, fulfillment, operations, and customer service. To better understand our capabilities, we suggest reviewing our our client success stories. Each one features brands that achieved outstanding success while partnering with us.




Your Next Steps

At Emplicit, we strive to transform our partner’s brand into a sales powerhouse on Amazon.
We have a team of experienced Amazon specialists who will work to increase your traffic, sales, and conversions. Instead of handling everything from fulfillment to customer service in-house, working with Emplicit means you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Start working with Emplicit in three simple steps…

3 quick and easy steps

1. Request a proposal

Receive a detailed review of your brand and uncover new areas of opportunity for increasing sales.

2. Book a discovery call

Discuss your brand goals with an Amazon specialist and develop a customized roadmap for success.

3. Grow your ecommerce

When you work with Emplicit, we partner with you to ensure the maximization of your ecommerce business.

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