Growth, innovation, and an enhanced perspective result from teaming up with a qualified agency partner. An agency’s experts monitoring developments in Amazon or your relevant market become your resources, along with their long-standing relationships. Research and data analysis tools they utilize begin driving your revenue. Their combined experience and expertise empower you to challenge assumptions successfully and create new ideas and solutions.

The right agency partner will add fiscal and strategic value to your business. Understanding the specifics allows you to see their importance and paints the picture of what an optimal partnership looks like.

Advantages of hiring an agency


Risks of hiring internally

The ability to hire internally is a common rebuttal against working with an agency. Many brands that go this route put their business at risk. It requires hiring high-level experts in multiple areas, which can get expensive. And that’s not the only cause for trepidation. Internally hired “high-level experts” often end up being 100% a generalist.

The other option, a qualified agency partner, has a team of specialists. Rather than knowing a little bit about everything (like a generalist) an effective agency has specialists who know everything there is to know about their respective niche. Consider it like this: a valuable agency has 10% of 10 experts, not 100% of a generalist.


Advantages of hiring an agency

Marketplaces and Ecommerce, Marketing and Content, Store Management, and Brand Management each having a team of experts will significantly impact your business more than a generalist who dabbles in everything.

Another advantage is an agency’s ability to address pain points that led to you searching for a partner in the first place. This value demonstrates their critical role and represents the difference between success and failure of a significant portion or all of your ecommerce business.


An agency is an extension of your business

A partnership signifies multiple people or groups, like an agency and your brand, engaged in the same activity. They share common interests, goals, and, ultimately, success. An agency that demonstrates they can be an extension of your business solves common needs like in the table the below. An agency capable of addressing and resolving these needs proves they’re a worthy partner.

Brand NeedsAgency Solutions
Identified Amazon as a key growth channel, ecommerce is under-performing, and/or competitors are gaining ground.Build strategies to ensure success before you invest in infrastructure and marketing. Combine active brand building with defensive brand protection against competitors and resellers.
Wants to reach new target audiences on Amazon and/or other marketplaces or launch new products on Amazon.Offer full-service Amazon support, including running your Amazon store with little to no input following the onboarding process.
Already on Amazon but experiencing issues with rules and regulations.Proactively avoid alerts before they become problematic. Possess first-hand experience with every issue and utilize Amazon connections to accelerate issue resolution.
No internal expertise in required disciplines or general lack of resources.Employing SMEs in every field is how the “10% of 10 experts, not 100% of a generalist” agency model is executed. SMEs also have access to 3rd party tools brands can’t afford alone.
Amazon is complex and only getting more challenging.Having early access to Beta programs and staying on top of marketplace changes keeps your brand on pace for success.
Current agency is under-performing and/or not giving enough support.Remain flexible in financial models combined with service level’s quantity, ability to scale, and technology solutions to create efficiencies.


Talk budget, and build your strategy accordingly

Goals become more attainable with an agency partner that makes you feel comfortable being transparent about your budget and is flexible in building a strategy within those parameters. A trustworthy agency creates a budget-friendly strategy without cutting corners. Recommended solutions, such as focusing on products with the highest return, will be an agency-wide effort, while other, out-of-scope services will be removed from your brand’s growth strategy.


Full-service offering

Some agencies specialize in certain areas, and others have specialists in every aspect of marketplace management and marketing. The second example is your ideal agency partner because they:

  • Present you cost efficiencies
  • Adjust marketing to reduce the risk of going out of stock
  • Use feedback from Customer Service to influence Content’s strategy
  • And can and will explore all avenues to achieve your goals

A full-service agency collaborates and identifies opportunities others can’t, allowing them to reach solutions quicker. With all the experts on one team, each department complements the other, effectively increasing your chance of success.



Define value, and you shall receive

Brands partner with agencies to scale on Amazon or another marketplace. However, this doesn’t mean brands enter a partnership with the same vision. Just like how your brand’s core values differ from others, your brand may place more or less value on specific services and outcomes than others. You may find the most value in an agency with the longest-tenured Amazon relationships, or one that swears by hard facts research and data analysis reveal.

Partnering with an agency that will execute what you value is more likely when you define what value means not only to them, but also to yourself. Your best agency match will appraise and promote their services accordingly, signaling they understand what you want from the partnership. Common values include:


Amazon and/or marketplace performance is many brands’ definition of value. Promising future success is unrealistic, but a qualified agency demonstrates they can grow your business by building a strategy around your vision and sharing prior success stories.


Healthy margins can be as crucial to your brand as increasing sales. A qualified agency partner will help set objectives and, most critically, establish parameters in which they can operate to achieve those goals.

Peace of Mind

There’s a lot of value in handing off the daily duties of running your brand’s Amazon store. Other aspects of your business your agency partner isn’t involved with also have demands, so when you can count on trusted experts to handle Amazon, those aspects become more manageable.


An agency partner’s expertise is valuable because of what it allows them to accomplish. Amazon and/or marketplace expertise and experience qualify an agency to resolve complex issues on your behalf, which ensures products stay live and selling. You’ll find this is a quantifiable value with a full-service agency partner.



A qualified agency partner grows your business

Your agency partner must deliver a demonstrable, measurable impact on your business. This is something Emplicit accomplishes for brands daily. Brands in different industries trust us to run a significant portion of their ecommerce business like it was ours. Every department has experts whose knowledge and skills are thanks to extensive experience and training, qualifying every team member to provide your brand value and differentiate it from the competition.

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Emplicit can improve your ecommerce SEO without compromising the user experience of sales conversion. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.